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7 Things or Factors That Recognise a Reliable Electrician

In order to be a successful electrician, one needs as much as talent and knowledge as the right spirit. They have to think on their own. There is hardly any copybook option for them in practical life. They may have to apply their core technical expertise in uncomfortable situations. They have to risk their lives time and again. Moreover, it is important possessing sound communication skill. Overall, this category of tradesmen has a tough job and there is no doubt about that.

On the brighter side a successful electrician also has an incredibly rewarding work. These rewards bring a lot of talent, dynamic souls to this vocation. Just like in any other profession, becoming an electrician is never that easy. There are all sorts of requirements that you can imagine that you have to fulfil. Only then you can step into the shoes of a professional electrician. The literal requirements include training, licensing, ongoing education for upgrades and much more. In addition to that there are loads of other qualities too for any successful electrician to possess.

What are those qualities? Let us explore a few of those in the following paragraphs.


Hunger to learn

Training is something crucial for an electrician. It is not just “in the field” training but also hands-on training that usually lasts throughout the professional career of an electrician. Every successful electrician must be familiar with a huge wealth of knowledge. They have to have the ability of learning newer things and mastering newer skills. Moreover, it is important to retain and implement that knowledge in real life.

FSG Apprentice Training

Electricians work with physical forces that are immensely powerful. These forces are also very dangerous. As a result, safety is the paramount aspect in the vocation. The best way to be aware about safety practicalities is attending formal classes and studying. Apart from the aspect of safety almost any electrical apprentice programme lasts for years at a stretch. In fact most apprentice programmes span across several hundreds of hours of classroom training. After the training is over you have to fill out an application and clear a journeyman electrician exam. Only then you can start your career as a professional electrician. Without the natural ability to learn and study it is little difficult to become a successful electrician.

Mental aptitude and physical ability

Electricity is by all means nothing but pure physics. Electricians work with electricity. A good electrician is likely to have a natural liking for subjects like science, mathematics, and physics in particular. Apart from intellectual aptitude a good electrician also possesses sound hand-eye coordination. Apart from standard electrician’s skills the individual should also have the ability – as well as the hunger – for betterment. An experienced electrician conveniently identifies the colour of a wire.

A reliable electrician maintains his time. Even if he gets stuck up under unavoidable circumstances, he will inform you about that. In other words, reliable electricians do not keep their clients waiting. The fraternity of professionals can be broadly categorised as the following –

  • Construction electricians or those who prefer working at huge construction sites
  • Maintenance electricians or those who mostly work on maintenance jobs and
  • Lighting electricians or those who visit our homes and offices to attend call-outs

Construction electricians keep themselves busy all day bending pipes, installing new systems and pulling wire. Maintenance electricians are mostly busy with troubleshooting existing electrical systems. Lighting electricians deal with different types of lighting systems including LED, Neon, emergency lighting and others.

Sound communication skill

A qualified electrician may work in a company that provides electrician services. He may also work independently. But it is important for the professional to be able to make sound communication. In fact, sound communication or lack of it can make or break their career. A technically sound electrician has to work and coordinate with a large number of professionals from different designations. The list includes not only contractors but also architects, civil engineers, crews, managers and others. Therefore, it is important for an electrician to communicate his thoughts correctly. Communication skill for electricians sum up to the following –

  • Good verbal skills
  • Superb reading comprehension
  • The ability to write one’s thoughts or put one’s thoughts and ideas into words

It is important for any electrician to get his thoughts clearly across the colleagues, customers and supervisors alike. As an electrician if these people cannot understand you your job will turn out to be struggling. Moreover, that may put the lives of people as well as properties in danger.


For any successful electrician guts, tenacity and determination are equally crucial. Without sheer doggedness it is often difficult to drive a project to completion. There are lots of factors that may impact a hob. Like the weather, the laws of physics and even people. A competent electrician can only navigate through all those hurdles instead of giving up and abandoning ship.

Team player

Electricians can only stay safe by working methodically and carefully. In most instances an electrician works with his contractor or other electricians. It is utmost important for an electrician to work as a team player. In this vocation you have no other option but work well with others. If an electrician is not a team player or does not work well with others then there is too much at stake. On the other hand, when one is a team player even the biggest project completes smoothly without much hassle.

Efficient time management

As an electrician you will be given a task. It will be expected that you manage it on your own to its completion within the stipulated deadline. Therefore, it is important that you manage your time efficiently. As an electrician it is utmost important to manage your time in the most efficient way possible. Time management and efficacy are the two aspects that are related to accuracy for any electrician.

Getting access to a reliable and technically sound electrician in Islington is not difficult provided you know your way to the Electric Works London. We are located on the Barlby Road at Shaftsbury Centre. Our efficient and affordable service is meant for both residential and commercial clients. Every electrician associated with us is registered with the NICEIC. We maintain an exceptional high level of workmanship.

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