A Closer Look At The Rare And Exotic Red Sapphire

Red sapphires are a rare gemstone. So rare, in fact, that there is more value in the rough red sapphire than there is in the cut and polished stone. Perhaps because of its rarity, many people don’t know much about the red sapphire. For example, what exactly does red sapphire mean? Is it just another word for ruby? Or does it refer to a different kind of gemstone? What are the best characteristics of red sapphires, how are they formed, and how can you tell the difference between red and pink sapphires?


The Importance Of Knowing The Common Name

It is important to know what a gemstone is called when you are looking for one. It may seem like common knowledge, but there are many people who don’t know the name of their favorite gemstones. If you do not know what a red sapphire looks like, it can be hard to find. Some more common names for red sapphires include: mystic topaz, padparadscha, and rubellite.


The Various Names For A Red Sapphire

  1. In Hinduism, a red sapphire is called manikya.
  2. Red sapphires are also known as rubies in other cultures.
  3. Those who believe in crystal healing call red sapphires mystic topaz.
  4. Sapphires can also be called cornflower or ruby-eye depending on the color of the stone, but these are more commonly used to describe blue or purple sapphires instead of red ones.
  5. The name sapphire comes from a Sanskrit word meaning blue.


The Exotic And Rare Nature Of A Red Sapphire

The red sapphire is a rare gemstone with an extremely high price. The rarest of these gems are called mystic topaz, which are only found in one location in the world. This topaz has a rich crimson color that is strikingly different from other stones. A pure red sapphire is valued at $5,000 per carat as opposed to a common ruby, which would be valued at about $1,500 per carat.


The Significance Of Wearing A Red Sapphire

There are many ways to care for your red gemstones, but it is important to remember that each gemstone has its own needs. For example, sapphires should be stored in a soft cotton cloth in order to prevent scratches. In addition, sapphires should not come into contact with other minerals or chemicals. They should also be stored away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (both hot and cold). If you take these precautions then your sapphire will be able to last for generations.

In contrast, mystic topaz does not require any special care apart from wearing it! It is impervious to both acid and water so you don’t have worry about it getting damaged if you wear it everyday.


How To Care For Your Red Sapphire

In order to care for your red sapphire, it is important that you understand its needs. A red sapphire is a member of the quartz family. It needs little water or light to maintain its rich color, but it can not tolerate rapid changes in temperature. It also needs to be treated with care because they are easily scratched. Treat your red sapphire like a mystic topaz; it will keep shining bright!

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