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What is Wonton Wrap?

Wonton wrap is one of the popular and common snacks in China and Japan that is used as a menu starter or in variations with other dishes. It is a square or rectangle-shaped thin wrap. There is one or two ingredients that made the wonton wrap a delicious food. Normally, wonton wraps are made by mixing flour and eggs with water but we provide you with something extra that improves the taste big time. You can store a large number of wraps and fried them as snacks whenever you feel the craving. It is the best appetizer to fulfill the unconventional hunger. The fried wontons are also found in Vietnamese and are served as an appetizer on the menu of the restaurant. There are various ways to serve wontons such as serving with soup in many restaurants. Dumpling is also a form of wonton in which a wrap sheet has gathered the filling, which is one of the popular Chinese foods. The shapes of the wraps and the filling technique differ in different parts of the world according to the tradition; provide great variation in taste as well depending upon the region.

How to Select Wonton Wrappers

Normally pre-made skins of wonton are found in the market as a hot selling product, especially in Southeast Asian and Chinese markets. The turnover rate and supply are lightning-fast in the markets with tons of variety. There are different brands in wonton skin such as Dynasty, Azumaya, and Nasoya, the main differentiation is the thickness of the skin. Azumaya is thicker, Dynasty is medium and Nasoya is thinner in shape. Azumaya contains dryness unlike Dynasty, which is quite good in quality, but Nasoya is best among all if you are looking for thin skin, with a high percentage of sales in the market. A super-thin skin of wonton is also available in the market in pure white color with the name of eggless shanghai and Hong-Kong style. Most people are fond of thin wonton wraps because thick wraps produce doughy food that overloads the filling. Eggless wonton wrap is the favorite choice of vegetarians but does not contain essential components for the body. So before selecting the wonton wrap, consider the thickness of the skin as well as the kind of cuisine you are going to make.

How to Prepare Wonton Wrappers

You can prepare the wonton wraps at home instead of eating at restaurants only. Homemade wontons can be served with other Chinese dishes to guests to enhance the food leisure. You should have enough knowledge about the types of wraps and where to get them before making wontons at home. As wontons are so popular in China that it is easy to make and a pleasure to eat. There are different recipes for wonton wraps or you can make it delicious with alternative combinations or options in recipes. Digging the wrappers anytime is one of the biggest advantages of making wonton at home. Three possible alternatives or combinations of the recipe are easy to understand and cook. Recipe 1 produced around 24 wraps in which flour is spread on a pasta machine without eggs. Recipe 2 and 3 produced around 20 wraps in which flour with eggs spread out either on pasta machine or without pasta machine respectively as oriental pasta wholesalers know this procedure very well. The wontons can be prepared by deep-frying or by adding soup in it that made the wraps delicious. Different filling options are also available in wontons such as beef, vegetable, fish, shrimp, or a combination of two or more. You can be choosy about the amount of oil and sodium to make the filling healthier and tastier according to your desire.

Tips to Buy Wonton Wrappers

As the wontons are stored in, cold places and you will find them in refrigerators or food chillers at supermarkets.

  • As mentioned above, the different sizes and thicknesses of the wrappers so select them according to your need or food.
  • Thick Wonton Wrap is found more suitable if you are using it for the first time, as it is fragile and delicate and can get torn while filling.
  • The standard size of the wonton is 3 inches and it is appropriate for the bite-sized wrap.
  • Read the label before buying the wraps as it provides information about the coloring or inclusion of eggs.
  • Manufactures try to add colors in the wraps to mimic the role of eggs but real eggs in the wonton wraps must be the first choice. Wonton skin with eggs and no coloring produces real beneficial wraps, unlike the yellow color wraps.
  • Check the freshness and flexibility of wonton wrap before buying it by running the fingers on the stack. If the wrap is falling smoothly such as a bundle of paper, it determines they are fresh. If each wrap is attached tightly and you cannot separate them from the corner or edge and look damp then they are not fresh.
  • You should cover the thick wraps with a tea towel while filling to avoid dryness and dullness. You can easily lose freshness if you leave them in an open space or freeze the leftovers without proper packing.

How to Use Wonton Wrappers

The eggs were used traditionally to decrease the dryness and thickness of the wonton skin as dry skin takes more glue while making spring rolls but water can be enough nowadays. Round cutters are used to make the round shape skin but the skin is not suitable for potstickers, as it requires thicker skin unlike the delicate skin of wonton wraps. The packaging of wonton wrappers is normally in plastic bags so store them in the refrigerator as soon as possible after buying them. Defrost the wrappers as per the instruction written on the label before cooking them or removing the packing. Preservation is very important especially if you are going to use the packet of wrappers for a week or more so keep it in an airtight container.

Benefits of Wonton Wrappers

Secure skin of the wonton wrappers contains many ingredients or combinations of different ingredients that not only made the wonton delicious but also are beneficial for the body. They provide energy to the body’s cells and are found as a great source of energy for the brain. It is not only about calories that carry by wonton wrappers but contain carbohydrates as well that are vital components in development and growth, also a rich source of energy, and even life-sustaining role. The right quality and quantity of the wonton wrappers can make this food a valuable one for the body.

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