Become A Web Developer: Learn These Popular Programming Languages

Learning Web development

If you’ve ever had the impulse to build something from scratch, like a website or an app, you might be interested in web development. Programming languages are like human languages in that they are all unique and help programmers express ideas. They also serve as a bridge between coders and what they want their software to do. If you’re interested in becoming a web developer, here are five programming languages that will make your portfolio stand out.

Popular Languages for Web development

Web development is all about programming, content, network security, the configuration of the server, eCommerce, and many IT companies want to hire them. It doesn’t state any language is better than others but some are stated to be popular by developers. Let’s discuss the 5 important web development languages of 2022.

  • Python

It is growing exponentially, famous among dynamic programming languages. Of course, it’s open-source and object-oriented programming. It is available freely and allows you to read code easily because It has a clean codebase. 

One essential benefit of using python is that it supports several programming paradigms. It supports many operating systems and interpreted web development languages. So that one can reuse modified application code without recompiling. Python’s web development language allows its developer to make changes in less time.

  • JavaScript

It is a programming language used mainly to develop interactive front-end. Before JavaScript, the web world was so dull and sad, web pages were static with way little user interaction. But JavaScript brings lively animation, eye-catching content, and page validation to your service. 

  • C++

C++ is a high-level language backed up by object-oriented programming (OOP). This means they focus more on objects. C++ comes along with strong library support known as Standard Template Library (STL). STL helps programmers in writing codes very fast, by providing them with huge library help. It codes faster than several web development languages. It is mainly used in two things; embedded systems & systems programming. It is also known for being the safest language, a good start for beginners because it offers the safety of security and features. 

  • JAVA

Java is the name that comes under advanced web development language. Java is famous for being open source and secondly platform-independent. Java is an object-oriented language (OOP). It has a treasure of a vast number of frameworks and libraries, filled with detailed documentation. It helps you create high-level complex projects, it can be scaled as required and are easy to maintain. It is kind of difficult to learn and costs a lot more; also java developers are highly paid in the market.

  • RUBY 

It is also a high-level programming language. Ever wonder why everyone goes for Ruby in their startup? The below description will explain why that is so.

It was founded in 1990 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is also an OOP language. Everything is an object in this web development language unlike other languages that have primitive data types, every value and each class is an object. It has an easier and more flexible writing syntax. It is also used as a scripting language for back-end web servers. And also it runs on all current operating systems.


There are many ways to learn web development and equally abundant opportunities in software development companies in dubai, particularly. This blog states a few popular languages to learn through online web courses. 

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