Believing These 7 Myths about Cardboard Boxes Is Best for Your Business

Customization lets companies make high-quality packaging that fits the product and its theme. The perfect custom cardboard boxes are the key to more sales and growth for your brand.

Some well-known myths about cardboard packaging can hurt your business and keep you from making the best boxes. Here are some myths about custom cardboard boxes that can’t be true and could damage your brand’s reputation if you believe them.


Myth no 1: Every Product Has An Ideal Size Box

If your product comes in different sizes, you should think about that when making custom packaging. It would simply help if you came up with a different size for each object. Custom cardboard boxes protect and keep your product safe while giving customers a fun and memorable experience. The package must be the right size for the goods to make shipping easier.

It’s best to make cardboard boxes packaging that fits the product well and keeps it from moving. Custom inserts can also ensure that the product gets to its destination without breaking.

You might see a few cardboard box designs with window customization to give the customer a clear view of the product from the outside. They won’t have to open the box at any point.

Myth no 2: Packaging Must Be Unique (even if it’s complex)

Making the whole cardboard boxes packaging hard to use and carry around easily shows that you do not care about your target audience. Packaging is all about to appeal a specific group of people.

The trick is to consider what your audience cares about and include those things in your packaging. If you start to act this way, you’re putting your clients first. This will let you make custom packaging that stands out and is easy for customers to understand and use.

Unique cardboard boxes packaging will always make you and your product appear different in a competitive market. And for the new brands, appearing unique is of utmost importance. Brand can choose cardboard box designs which are unique for letting the product to look attractive on retail shelves.

Myth no 3: It’s Not Necessary To Spend Too Much On The Packaging

One might think that a simple box is 100% perfect and will help the brand get the point across. This idea is completely wrong; customers can get bored with plain packaging. The cardboard packaging boxes wholesale must look good, but not so bad that it doesn’t attract customers.

When you are spending too much on the packaging, you can eventually increase sales and grow your entire business. Hence, people are more likely to buy packages that stand out from competitors on the store shelf.

So, a package’s return on investment (ROI) on sales is very high. Ignoring boxes and thinking they can be overlooked is a terrible idea.

Myth no 4: Each Person Should Be Led To a Box

This is not true at all. Don’t try to make sure everyone likes your brand. When you are trying to satisfy everyone, you may somehow end up pleasing no one at all. For example, a box with cartoon characters can’t just attract a 40-year-old man. Because of this, a package must be made to make this group happy.

The best way to fully design cardboard boxes package is to figure out who you want to buy your small or big product. After finding out about your target markets, make luxury cardboard boxes that only those people will like!

Myth no 5: A Good Material Is All You Need To Transport

Consider using the spot UV or the aqueous finish when you are designing any object. This will make your product look attractive when you put it on a shelf with other items and ship it around.

Choose what is most useful because even though some designs may look nice, they won’t help you if they break your product on the way. To make the best-personalized cardboard packaging supplies wholesale, you should put in extra work to ensure it is easy to handle and move.

Myth no 6: Customizing the Box Costs a Lot

Most of the time, customizing doesn’t cost a lot. When a customer receives any package, they will always notice how you display it on the shelf. Prices can be a bit higher in comparison to a plain cardboard box. But purchasing the package in bulk will cut down much of your expenses.

Therefore, a brand should never consider skipping the custom options and choose something which is in the form of plain cardboard boxes. Also, some companies do not charge extra for customizing their products. Brands can always choose to work with these companies.

Different customization options are available so you can find the one that goes according to your product theme and appropriately delivers the brand message.

Myth no 7: The Box Can Be Made By Anyone

It is completely false to think that anyone can make unique personalized boxes. When making boxes, there are a couple of things to pay attention to.

The packages should stay creative and available according to the customer’s needs. If a package is made unprofessional, it might look bad or be hard to use. Thus, it would help if you designed the box in a way that should force the customer to visit your store all over again.


The seven most common cardboard packaging myths were false in the list above. By not believing these false ideas in the future, you can set up your brand strategy more effectively. It will help you to let your brand flourish more in tough market competition. Try it now!

How you package your business and brand shows what you want people to think about your business. How a brand is seen affects how well it does. Choose cardboard boxes with a design that shows off your brand well.

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