Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

An Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

The intelligence exhibited by machines is known as AI, and natural intelligence is that which is exhibited by both humans and animals.

Human beings are a species that is continuously learning and then evolving – AI functions at its core are also similar to that. Human knowledge, intelligence, experience, and innovation are also continuously needed to advance present and future technologies further.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Here are a few ways how AI continues to benefit humanity:

Digital Assistants

This is something that our society has become heavily dependent upon. We use digital assistants to perform a wide variety of tasks for us. Some of the most popular digital assistants that almost everyone is familiar with are – Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc.

For instance – we use our digital assistants to send commands to another app or even make them search for something on the web. AI has become an integral part of how these apps perform, and these apps also learn from every user interaction.

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Maps & Directions

This is one really beneficial function that AI performs for us, and it has simplified our lives and made it so much easier for us to journey around. For instance: when you ask your Google Assistant to search for the nearest stores when in an unfamiliar place – you are taking the help of an AI.

These apps also show us the conditions of the road, traffic updates, and even the quickest route to a particular destination.

Automatic Replies in Email

Smart replies give the users a next opportunity for replying to the emails with simple phrases like “No. and I am not available tomorrow.” else “Yes. I am available tomorrow” with just one click.

These smart replies are curated in a way that they fully match the content of each mail. Users also have the option of sending a single-click smart reply to emails when they are busy. For instance, Gmail provides the option of replying to an email about an upcoming meeting, and then then the app fills in suggestions (in the form of replies to send). This particular feature of Gmail is referred to as a “Smart Reply.”

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Product Recommendations

The websites of popular online stores use AI to gather information about the preferences of a user by tracking their buying patterns. Due to this, the user gets a personalized shopping experience by getting product suggestions and recommendations.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Here are the potential threats that the usage of Artificial intelligence poses:

Job Automation

The most important concern for the common folks is, ofcourse, Job Automation. It is simply no longer just a minimal matter of what type of jobs they will replace, but rather, the real question is to what degree.

Some newer reports suggest that white-collar jobs are the ones that are at the most risk. According to a study which was conducted back in 2019, almost thirty-six million people work jobs with maximum exposure to automation. This essentially means that almost seventy percent of their tasks – all from market analysis to sales will be done using AI labor.

Autonomous Weapons

Even though job loss is presently a very pressing issue related to the disruption of AI. It is only one of the many potential risks.

Someday AI will fall into the hands of people who would want to use it only for malicious purposes – they could threaten digital security, political security (such as through automated and targeted disinformation campaigns), and digital security (such as through the criminals training equipements that can be hacked or socially engineered by the victims at human or superhuman levels of performance).

Socio-Economic Inequality

The widening socio-economic inequality which has been sparked due to AI- lead job loss is another reason for concern. Right along with education, work has been a major factor in driving social mobility. Kinds of work – the ones which are predictable and of repetitive kind are bound to be taken over by AI.

Various sorts of AI bias are hazardous, too. Olga Russakovsky,is famous professor of computer science departments at Princeton. He recently told the New York Times that it is going to extend well beyond issues of race and gender.

In addition for the algorithmic bias, that can ” also amplify” the effects of the data bias. AI is designed and created by humans.We all know humans are always living with natural prejudices.

To Wrap It Up!

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence is the one that outweighs the risks till now. There is no certainty about the future, though. The future is always unpredictable. Nothing as dramatic as a full world takeover by AI would happen. Perhaps, but there will be certain spheres of life. That are bound to get negatively affected by the rise of AI.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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