Best Healthcare Organizations in Northern India

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are known by a variety of names and have relatively distinct missions and coverage everywhere over the world, including third-party organizations, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, etc. In India, they are usually referred to as not-for-profit organizations.

Healthcare Organizations

The importance of a developing non-governmental sector is discussed in political economics literature using the concepts of government and market failure. They are heavily emphasized in sociological studies as a key institution for encouraging social integration and as an essential part of a democratic society.

Additionally, the non-governmental sector is viewed favorably in the medical field. The non-governmental sector is heavily emphasized in studies as a crucial institution for promoting social integration and as a crucial component of a democratic society. Government and market failure led to the development of the idea of the non-governmental sector. In India, the non-governmental sector is also considered as being quite active in the medical sector.

Even the most basic medical services are denied to the most disadvantaged members of society, despite the fact that it is only our responsibility to take care of our health. They are susceptible to a number of acute and chronic illnesses since they cannot even get the most basic welfare services. The Satya Shakti Foundation, the best NGO in Delhi NCR and northern India has started a campaign to remove these discrepancies.

Various changes have been made to healthcare systems all across the world. When people are healthy and disease-free, they can live fulfilling lives and realize their full potential. In light of this, it is important to think of one’s health as the primary foundation for determining their sense of well-being.

In any industrialized civilization, the issue of public health has a significant impact on how a large society is organized. Some of these factors include the degree of socioeconomic inequality, accessibility to healthcare facilities, cost and quality of care, and the amount of biological understanding of health and disease.

Best Healthcare Organizations in Northern India –

One of the numerous challenges the Indian healthcare sector faces is the lack of access to high-quality services for disadvantaged and marginalized people. This is mostly the result of inadequate funding for public healthcare, which represents only 1% of the nation’s GDP and is among the lowest levels in the world.

The healthcare system underwent a rigorous test during the Covid-19 outbreak, revealing its weaknesses. Nevertheless, a few non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are identifying the root causes of healthcare issues and creating inventive solutions. They are employed in a number of fields, including nutrition, disease early detection, treatment of communicable diseases, and child and reproductive health.

Here is the list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in India that is dedicated to enhancing the general health of the weak and underprivileged members of society:

  • Sevaarth
  • Jeevan Raksha Foundation
  • Simmi Foundation
  • Satya Shakti Foundation
  • Nitya Foundation
  • Umeed Foundation
  • Physically Handicapped Welfare Society
  • Child helping Foundation
  • Jhuggi Jhopdi Morcha Punjabi Bagh
  • Bhartiya Sarv Samaj MahaSangh

NGOs’ Current and Upcoming Health Challenges –

  • It is the outcome of efforts made by government programmed and NGOs like the Satya Shakti Foundation. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable improvement in health and welfare, with major decreases in maternal, infant, and child mortality as well as fatalities from diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, and illnesses that may have been prevented by vaccination.
  • These developments were made feasible by NGOs, and now there is a collection of evidence that this strategy is effective, especially in relation to some of the major causes of sickness and mortality.
  • NGOs are essential for interacting with the population in developing countries like India. For patients who live in remote areas without access to doctors or adequate medical facilities, for instance, our top concerns in the remote area of the country include the provision of services, raising awareness of the issue, and launching preventative programmed.


  • We run a number of free massive health check-up initiatives throughout north India, primarily in the outlying areas and slums.
  • During COVID-19, we created E-clinics, where we worked with knowledgeable doctors to offer the optimum medical care, to assist those living in remote places.
  • By contributing a large number of diagnostic kits, necessary medications, and oxygen cylinders during the life-threatening second wave of COVID-19, the SATYA Shakti foundation acted as protective armour for the underprivileged and in need.
  • We started telemedicine services so that people can visit doctors who are available on-call without having to wait in a long queue or shell out money or time to do so. They advise taking medication, which we do at no cost.


One of the top healthcare organizations in Northern India is us. Instead of talking and indulging in publicity stunts. We think it is better to work from the bottom up to improve the health care of the poor and those in need. And, We also want everyone to have fair access to healthcare. And can assist people in changing their health-related habits by making them more accessible and raising awareness.

The SATYA Shakti Foundation – one of the best non-governmental organizations. In Northern India fills the gap between access to basic healthcare for rural communities. Through our health efforts, we hope to increase the availability, affordability, and accessibility of essential medical services. We are creating & raising awareness in society to lessen the negative consequences of the disease on health, economic potential, and overall prosperity.

Working in every area and in remote areas sets us apart from many other organizations. We never increase or advertise our NGOs. Using government funding or donations; instead, we spend the entire amount that you have given us to benefit society. In addition, our volunteers give their all to improve society.

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