How To Usa Best HR Software in Pakistan in 2022

Open HRMS is a collection of open-source human resource management modules suitable for large, medium, and small businesses. Easy-to-use and intuitive Best HR Software in Pakistan provide painless and fun HR and employee management. The system will help you efficiently manage all the complex operations of your HR department and unleash its full potential.

The recruitment module can be considered one of the flagship modules offered by the Open HRMS platform. It is a well-tuned applicant tracking system that will make the hiring process easier. All activities required for recruiting candidates are managed. The platform helps you post and publish your job offers, create recruitment rounds, track each candidate’s data and guide you in selecting the right candidates at the right time. The platform allows you to configure various options to make the recruitment process more accessible. If you look at the Configuration tab, you will see many options.

Here in the blog, we can collect all the options available in the Configuration tab of the Best HR Software in Pakistan

  • settings
  • Job position:
  • Reasons for refusal
  • departments
  • Types of business

When you open the Settings window, you’ll see a few options you can enable to get more features in your recruiting dashboard. Therefore, In the vacancies section, you can enable the “Publish online” option to publish the available positions on your website. You can check the box to the left of the option to enable this option.

So, After checking the box, click the Save icon to save the changes. In the Best HR Software in Pakistan Process section, you can enable the Send Interview Survey option to send an interview survey to the candidate during the recruitment process.


The recruitment module on the OpenHRMS platform allows you to create different functions. The Job Positions menu can be viewed in the Configuration tab of the Recruiting module and will take you to the Job Positions window. The Work Positions window is designed to preview all the already created work positions. The sample itself provides the basic details of each position, such as position and unread messages.

Reasons for refusal

In the hiring process, it’s very natural to decline some questions. The reason for refusal will always be the same. Therefore, with the OpenHRMS recruitment platform, you can always pre-determine multiple reasons for rejection to save huge production time. On the configuration tab, you’ll see the Rejection Reasons menu, which gives you access to the Rejection Reasons window.


The Department menu in the Configuration tab of the OpenHRMS Best HR Software in Pakistan module is the right choice for creating and managing different departments in your organization. All configured sections are listed in the Applications and Workspaces window when creating a new application.

The department menu shows each department described on the platform, with all the information about each department, such as the display name, company, manager, employees, and parent department.

Type of Activity

The OpenHRMS platform places a strong emphasis on action. Actions in OpenHRMS are treated as a kind of continuation. This feature allows the user (you) to assign certain types of activities and programs to responsible people. When you look at the Configuration tab of the configuration module, you will see the Task Types menu. This Activity Types menu provides access to the Activity Types window. The window is similar to the image below.

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In the creation mask, you can set the name of the activity type. So, then view the different fields to fill in, divided into two categories: Activity Settings and Next Activity. In the Activity Settings section, it is select Activities from the drop-down menu. Actions in the drop-down menu are Nothing, Upload Document, Phone Call, and Appointment.

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