Best unexpected places to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday

The birthday celebration is a thing, which makes the birthday a memorable one or a bad one for a person. Because what you or anyone remembers about their birthday. The person remembers what she did on her previous birthday, and what type of experience she gets when she does things. The birthday of your girlfriend is coming, and you want to celebrate it in such a way that it becomes a memorable one for her. But you know that it is not going to be easy for you without having the name of the best places. Because if you don’t know where you should celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday, then how can you make it a memorable one? So you can find out about the best place to celebrate the birthday of your girlfriend. The places are going to help you a lot, in making the birthday special and give some very valuable and unforgettable memories to your girlfriend.


If your girlfriend is someone who likes to do adventure activities more if you compare it with that activity which most girls like to do. Then your girl is going to like it if you plan to play paintball with her. Paintball is a game, which gives you or anyone the feeling that you are in a real war or playground, and you have to kill the opposition and save yourself. You just think, about what the reaction of your girlfriend is going to be when you give a birthday gift to her during the paintball game. The paintball will make this birthday of your girlfriend memorable. Because she is going to celebrate her birthday while playing the paint and celebrating her birthday after winning the match. Your girlfriend never thinks that you can plan something like this for her, and celebrate her birthday in this way.

Movie marathon

The movie is something, with which everybody connects, and feels like this is their story of themselves. The choice of the movie can be different, and this is a general thing, and anybody cannot do anything about it. But what you can do, you can plan a movie marathon for your girlfriend’s birthday. That means you are going to watch one after another movie on her birthday, and you are going to watch almost all her favorite movies. You can plan the birthday party for her in the movie theatre as well, and after one movie gets finished, you can present the birthday cake in front of her. Your girlfriend may never think that she is going to celebrate her birthday in this way. But the plan for the movie marathon is going to make her happy for sure. 

Go to beach 

If you want to celebrate her birthday without any plan, and just want to walk with her by keeping your hand in her hand. Then the best place for you is the beach, you can go to the beach with your girlfriend. You can just spend most of the time of the day sitting with your girlfriend on the beach. You can talk with her, and express your feelings to others. You can buy an online gift for your girlfriend, which you can give during the beach birthday celebration. You can even cut the cake for your girlfriend on the beach, and you can plan her birthday party on the beach. Your girlfriend may never have a beach birthday party, which she is going to get on her birthday. 

Hot air balloon ride 

You are just amazed at what a feeling a birthday person is going to get. When she gets to know that she is going to cut the birthday cake and celebrate her birthday in the sky. If you want to know the feeling, then you can ask your girlfriend. You can take your girlfriend with you for the hot air balloon ride, and you can plan her birthday celebration for her in the hot air balloon. This type of thing is something, which can melt the heart of anyone. Because no one expects or dreams to have a birthday celebration like this, which you are doing for your girlfriend. 

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So you now have this feeling, with the ideas and names of the places, which you get there, with the help of all that. You can make the birthday celebration of your girlfriend a very special one for her, which is going to be memorable for both of you. Your girlfriend will remember this type of birthday celebration for a very long time for sure.

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