Zinger Burger

Best Zinger Burger in Lahore

If you are looking for the best zinger burger in Lahore, there are many options. You can visit Ahmad Burger in Sham nagar or eat at Hardees. These two places serve delicious zinger burgers for a reasonable price.

Johnny & Jugnu

The new burger chain Johnny & Jugnu is all about brand image, good food, and cheap prices. Its owners claim to have the lowest profit margins in the burger industry. The founders are not concerned with profits at all, and instead, focus on building a brand image. Pakistan has received a bad image from international media.

The burger joint is popular in Pakistan and offers a generous serving. The burgers are reasonably priced and delicious. The restaurant is also popular for offering deals on special occasions, such as Eid, and Christmas. It is also located at the famous Rina’s Kitchenette, where you can dine on delicious meals at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a cheap takeaway burger in Lahore, Johnny & Jugnu is the place to go. You can order a burger here for under 250 PKR. The restaurant’s chicken burgers are freshly made and very tasty. You can also try the Wehshi burger, which is a juicy spiced chicken breast burger filled with atomic sauce.

Another great place to grab a burger is Howdy Café. This South-Western eatery is renowned for its burgers and is a staple in Lahore’s burger scene. The Son of a Bun is the company’s signature burger, and its turkey strips are also a popular snack.

Ahmad Burger

Ahmad Burger is known for its zinger burger. You can try one here for Rs 150. The place is near Chauburji roundabout and offers good value for money. They also serve regular chicken burgers. In terms of taste, Ahmad Burger is better than KFC.

Ahmad Burger offers a wide variety of burgers. The most popular flavors are roast beef patty and mushroom sauce. The chef also offers more than 20 different types of beef burgers. You can also order a salad at the restaurant. It also offers home delivery and online ordering.

Ahmad Burger is a quaint restaurant on Shamnagar Road near Chauburji. The quality and taste of the food are excellent and the prices are affordable. However, you should expect to wait at least 15-20 minutes for service and a seat. As a result, this is not the best place to go with a family or a couple during peak hours.

The best zinger burgers in Lahore can be found at Ahmad Burger. This southern-styled restaurant is an old staple on the Lahore burger scene. Its Son of a Gun burger is known for its three levels of culinary perfection.

Howdy’s Blue Dragon Reloaded burger

If you like your burgers big and juicy, you won’t be disappointed with the Howdy’s Blue Dragon Reloaded. This burger features two char-grilled beef patties with layers of vegetables and cheese, topped with their signature blue sauce. If you love beef, you can also try their chicken burgers.

Howdy’s Blue Dragon Reloaded is made with prime beef, caramelized onions, fresh mushrooms, crisp lettuce, hot jalapenos, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese and jalapenos.  It also includes crispy fries with jalapeo cheese.


Hardee’s is a favorite of millions across Pakistan. Hardee’s has opened doors in every major city across the country so everyone can enjoy the most popular burger available. Authentic Angus Thick Beef Burgers are only offered by Hardee’s in Pakistan along with Chargrilled Burgers, Best Zinger Burger, Chicken Sandwiches, wraps, and delicious handmade ice cream to satisfy your taste buds. One can enjoy the best burgers and shakes at home with seamless delivery service. Hardee’s unsurpassed food and great entertainment make it the best retailer in the country.
All-meat chargrilled twofold patty finished off with american cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, dill pickle chips, mayonnaise and extraordinary sauce with our newly twisted bun.
Hardee’s offers amazing fast food products to enjoy with your loved ones. We bring you some of the tastiest beef burgers with different flavors and preparation methods. Our hamburgers of a mud filled with new vegetables and sweet saucencies. We also have 100% copy shetburgers that dried food as philly and phiily n ‘Switzer, Jalapeno, and more!

Eataly Ristorante

Eataly Ristorante is a recent addition to the food scene in Lahore. Located in Mall 1, it offers a relaxing ambiance with its fauna themed decor. The restaurant offers rooftop seating and a wide variety of Italian cuisine. Featuring a slaw-covered chicken patty and a spicy sauce, this burger will surely satisfy your cravings.

Whether you want a simple hamburger, or an elaborate one loaded with a cheesy sauce, you’ll find a burger here to satisfy your craving. At Eataly Ristorante, you’ll find a burger with a double patty and multiple layers of cheese. There’s also the Godfather burger and the double decker, which are both 14 centimeters tall and packed with cheese.