Can The Best Orthodontist Near Me Also Fix My Cavity?

Do you know the best orthodontist near me? If you live in an urban area with plenty of orthodontists to choose from, it’s likely you can find one that can help you with everything from teeth alignment to dental braces and Invisalign. However, if you have more specific needs, such as a dentist that can also handle cavities, it’s not always obvious which are the best orthodontists near me.



Yes, An Orthodontist Can Fix Your Cavity!

Does a dentist near me fix cavities? Yes! Many people are surprised to find that their orthodontist is also a dentist. Your orthodontist will often be able to provide you with more accurate treatment, because they know your teeth better than anyone else. They have also spent many years learning about how to best use braces and retainers to fix dental problems like cavities. Plus, since they work closely with you on your teeth every day, they are much more likely to notice any signs of decay or other potential health issues before they become too serious. If your orthodontist can’t take care of your cavity, they will most likely refer you to a dentist near me who can.


Here’s How They Do It

Most orthodontists do not focus on teeth problems outside of braces and crooked teeth. This is because they are highly specialized, so their work is usually limited to the mouth. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a dentist near me who can help fix your cavities while they work on straightening your teeth! The best orthodontist near me might be able to refer you to a dentist in their network who can help out with these kinds of problems.


What To Expect During The Procedure

Some orthodontists have a dental office where they can do some simple dental work, but it’s not always an option. If you need more extensive work done, like fixing cavities, you’ll want to find a dentist near me who offers those services. Typically, orthodontists don’t provide this service themselves. That’s because dentists and orthodontists are trained in different disciplines. So if your child has a small cavity that needs to be fixed, make sure that you take them to see a dentist near me who specializes in general dentistry.

If your child needs major dental work or is due for their first set of cavity fillings, I recommend getting in touch with one of the area pediatric dentists near me instead.


Aftercare Instructions

After your teeth are straightened, you may want to visit a dentist near me for aftercare instructions. They will be able to assess how your teeth are healing and offer tips on how you can keep them healthy. I recommend keeping a soft toothbrush handy and using fluoride rinse twice per day. You should also eat healthy foods like apples, carrots, and strawberries which will help strengthen your teeth.

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