Car Parking Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe

It is the dream of many to own a car and today buying a car is easy and convenient too. But once you have a car, you need to be prepared to handle some responsibilities. While taking good care of a car and its proper maintenance will increase its lifespan and give you good service for years to come, you need to be prepared for certain common problems.

Firstly, the biggest problem that most of the car owners face is getting a secure car parking area. In big cities like Perth in Australia, parking a car safely and securely is a big issue as there is a scarcity of parking space. But this does not restrict one from buying the four-wheeler of their dream. The solution to this parking problem is to search for ‘vehicle parking near me’. You can come across some services related to car storage in Perth. In car storage Perth, you can park your four-wheeler in a safe and secure manner. By paying a little amount, you get to enjoy complete peace of mind. 

Secondly, one needs to know the right way to park their car. Just driving a car is not enough if you do not master the skill of parking properly. In fact, you cannot claim to be an excellent driver unless you have acquired the skill of car parking. When not parked properly, it can cause a lot of problems for other commuters on the road. Also, improper parking may cause accidents or cause severe damage to the car itself. This is why one needs to give stress their parking abilities.


Here are some car parking tips and tricks that you must be aware of: 

Car Parking Tips And Tricks

Always opt for designated parking places: 

One of the most important car parking tips is to park your four-wheeler in a designated parking place. It is not a legal action to just park your car anywhere on the road as you might be fined for your careless act. Also, if not parked in a safe place it might result in vehicle theft. 

Hence, try to always park your four-wheeler in the designated car parking area. In case you do not find a designated place, search for ‘vehicle parking near me’ to find out some safe car storage in Perth, where you can easily park your car.

Avoid isolated places:

When it comes to important car parking tips and tricks, do not make the mistake of parking your four-wheeler in an isolated place. In fact, you must always try to park your car near other vehicles. Also, make sure the parking area has ample lights so that thieves do not find your car an easy target. 

When parking your car along with other cars, try to have ample distance between other parked vehicles. This means you must not park too close to another vehicle’s front or rear bumper. Parking too close to other vehicles will obstruct access or space for manoeuvring. 

Do not park near huge vehicles: 

Amongst important car parking tips, make sure to avoid parking your car near huge vehicles. In fact, in a car parking area, park your four-wheeler near another vehicle of similar size. This will help you to take out your machine from the car parking area easily without any problem. 

On the other hand, when one park a small or mid-sized car near huge vehicles such as buses, vans, trucks or lorries, vans, and so on, it causes obstruction. You as well as others will find it difficult to access the car parking area. Also, huge vehicles make a good hiding place for car thieves. 

Be extra careful during reverse parking or parallel parking:

When it comes to learning parking skills, reverse parking or parallel parking are the two difficult aspects. Hence, you must take extra precautions when reverse parking or parallel parking. During reverse parking, you back into a parking spot instead of pulling in head first. On the other hand, in parallel parking, you need to park your car parallel to the road, in line with other parked vehicles.

If you are not careful during reverse parking or parallel parking, especially in a congested car parking area it can lead to damage to the car or even a crash. But this is not rocket science and when practised regularly and with the help of both side mirrors you can easily master the skill. However, in the beginning, look for a car parking area that is large enough to accommodate your car comfortably.

Always lock your car before leaving: 

One of the most important car parking tips and tricks is to always lock your car properly before leaving. Before leaving the car parking area, make sure that all the window glasses are rolled up and securely lock the car. 

On the other hand, it is also important not be leave any valuables inside the car. Be it your purse, mobile phone, laptop or a piece of jewellery item; remove all the things before locking the car. Valuables kept inside the car are one of the reasons why thieves try to break into a four-wheeler.

Install safety gears:

Technology has advanced a lot and there are many safety features that can help keep your four-wheeler protected in the car parking area. There are many safety features like a rearview camera that can assist in car parking. The rearview camera also helps you to see the objects behind your car and park your car by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. 

Also, with the help of the car’s emergency blinkers and flashers, you can warn other persons in the car parking area that you intend to reverse your car. 


Well, it s true that car parking is more challenging than driving, but by following the above-mentioned car parking tips and tricks, you can easily master the skill of parking. In case, you reside in a big city and there is a lack of safe and secure car parking areas, avail the service of a car storage provider for complete peace of mind. 

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