Feelings that you can Express through Orchids

Orchids are magical flowers that appear to be an improved version of other flowers. They are beautiful and nearly impossible to believe in their beauty. While orchids are among the  most popular family of flowering plants, each orchid has its own distinct style. In a tropical region like India it’s impossible to find orchids growing in normal homes. Therefore, orchids are exotic flowers and are specifically ordered from a variety of flowers and gift shops.


The Symbolic and Imposing Nature Orchids

Have you ever wondered what makes an orchid stand out so in striking contrast with other flowers? In the past, in Greece orchids were associated with fertility. 

Feelings that you can express through Orchids

Consider that every color of orchids in the market today may have a different meaning than the message you wanted to convey with the floral gift’ Let’s see what feelings and meanings are conveyed by the various colors of orchids.

  1. White Orchids

White Orchids like all flowers represent the purity of life. Giving white orchids indicates that you think someone worthy of your confidence and respect. Now get bouquet delivery in Mumbai or choose white orchids bouquet online.

  1. Red Orchids

As with red roses, Red orchids symbolize passion and love. They can also symbolize strength and determination. There is something gorgeous about red flowers that will always draw our attention, and we take a breath from the blue. Red roses, and red orchids.

  1. Pink Orchids

Pink orchids symbolize joy, beauty and innocence. The majority of the time, pink orchids are given to show love and love. They also symbolize courtship. This is typically a wedding anniversary present for couples. The pink orchids are an ideal gift to someone you’re developing an interest in, since pink (considered to be a very feminine colour) can also be a symbol of youthful affection.

  1. Purple Orchids

Purple orchids represent respect, admiration, dignity and a sense of royalty. They are typically gifted to someone who has an important place in the life and is admired to. The color has historically represented elegance, royalty, nobleness as well as power and ambition and, in darker shades, suggest mystery and magic.

  1. Blue Orchids

The significance of blue orchids dates all the way to the time of ancient Greece. Blue flowers (German version: Blaue Blume) was the main symbol of that Romantic Movement and it remains an essential theme within Western Art, even today. If you give someone blue orchids, it could indicate that you consider the person as rare or they deserve an extra special treatment.

  1. Yellow Orchids

A gift made of yellow or bright orchids often given to a friend who is special. An orchid of yellow can be used to express positive energy, to wish good luck, or to convey a warm gesture. It also signifies enlightenment, clarity, memory, intelligence, honor and loyalty.

  1. Green Orchids

Green orchids are believed to bring luck and prosperity. They are a rare breed and as a present they could be gifted to someone you think is unique and rare. It is also possible to give green orchids to friends for farewells or when they start new business ventures.

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