How Teeth Whitening Work and If It is Safe?

How Teeth Whitening Work and If It is Safe?

With ages our smile fades away and become quite dingy. Intake of caffeine drinks and foods, smoking etc effects our teeth and cause discoloration. We all want a healthy pearl white set of teeth. Nobody likes yellow stained teeth. There are various teeth whitening gel, strips or many other products that have become popular among the population. No one has ever tried to justify if those products are really working on them or not. Are these products are brightening my teeth or not is a big question to an individual. There are professional treatments for whitening your teeth. You can consult an expert for teeth whitening in London, which will help you to get a beautiful set of pearl white teeth.

Mechanism behind teeth whitening  

There are several ways that can be helpful for you to whiten your teeth.

Often we find trays filled with gel or sticky strips to whiten our teeth at home easily. It can be found easily in the stores and it works well to remove stains and lightening our teeth. Different product has different prescribed time so read the instructions given in the product. Place the tray or strips on the teeth and leave it for the time that prescribed in the product.

The product that claims to whiten your teeth at home contains a type of chemical which contains a proper amount of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that breaks the molecules which causes discoloration due to intake of smoking, tea, coffee and red wine.

Carbamide peroxide plays the same role like hydrogen peroxide. At the first stage it releases 50% of whitening capability and slowly shows its effects and lasts for several hours. Mostly both the components does the same thing to your teeth. At-home products should be used daily long for a week to get a good result. You can visit a professional for teeth whitening. They use high concentrated Carbamide Peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth.

The in-office treatments give a long-lasting effect within a few interval of time. Only one treatment is enough and you only need to visit your dentist for an interval of time to get a beautiful and bright smile, but the treatments are quite expensive in comparison to at-home teeth whitening option.

If teeth whitening is Worthy or not?

If you want to get beautiful bright smile so professional teeth whitening is a safe and good option. You need to talk to your dentist about teeth whitening but it is very important to do your research for choosing your dentist.

The research has shown that hydrogen peroxide damage the proteins that lies in dentin layer of the teeth. The dentin layer lies underneath the hard tissue of the teeth enamel. The surface of the teeth may become soft or rough with the use of teeth whitening products.

The changes that cause to your teeth are temporary and the situation will reverse once you stop using the teeth whitening products. If the result is long lasting and if you want to stick to your teeth bleaching products then it might be bad for choppers.

It is very important to consider that which product suits you better. If you are using any one product like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide then you have to avoid it from your gums to avoid irritation and sensitivity.

Safe process to whiten your teeth

Bleaching products are used by many people over thousands of years and also recommended by dentists to their patients. Dentists have notice that it minimises tooth fractures and cavity risk.

Try to find out whitening toothpastes or bleaching products that has been marked safe by the dental academy. The product that you are using should be effective and safe. Few products are there which are designed as to be used once or twice in a day. Read the instructions given in the product, you are using, that will help you in protecting your teeth.

Ask your dentist at teeth whitening clinic in London, if the product that you have chosen for yourself is safe for you or not. The bleaching products are helpful for those who have stained their teeth with food or drinks or who have yellowed teeth with ageing. Brown or grey teeth can’t be discoloured with bleaching kit, it signifies some critical problem. Before starting your whitening treatment, it must be sure that you have a healthy gum or don’t have any cavity.

Avoid stains

You can have natural white teeth or avoid stains on your teeth completely and you don’t need to use bleaching products on your teeth by growing some good habits.

Quit smoking habit.

Limit your coffee/wine intake.

Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day.

Visit your dentist on an interval of time.

The teeth whitening products or treatment are safe and effective if it is done properly and professionally.

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