How to play Otherworld Legends on laptop

The MOD APK version (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) of Otherworld Legends became released on APKMODY. Download the sport to explore and ruin the illusory international of evil Asurendra.

Introduce approximately Otherworld Legends

ChillyRoom is a publisher regarded for 16-bit images movement games. The first demonstration is the Soul Knight, which debuted in early 2017.

Three years later, ChillyRoom continued to put up a new product known as Otherworld Legends. Currently, the sport has formally released. Many players have experienced it and have left advantageous reviews source


The tale of Otherworld Legends starts with the occasion that the villain Asurendra creates an illusionary international. Immediately after, he used his electricity to summon all of the heroes from area and time accrued right here.

Monsters, deadly traps are arranged anywhere. And at the back of all of that may be a plot to dominate the size of Asurendra’s dimensions, proper after the heroes are destroyed.

You are one of these heroes, you soon grow to be aware about that brutal conspiracy. You will must stop it at the side of different heroes!


The gameplay of Otherworld Legends is pretty similar to Soul Knight. You manipulate your character, go through trails and dungeons to defeat hordes of monsters.

Over time, the bosses of every level will seem at the end. Overcoming them, you may be taken to the subsequent stage, taking one extra step out of the evil Asurendra’s illusory global.

Of direction, the overall technique of the game will play out like that. But you already know, the problem regularly increases with every level. Meanwhile, traps and supernatural elements will appear, attacking the character and injuring him.

You will ought to do many stuff to keep your lifestyles, from selecting characters for every degree, upgrading energy or changing greater powerful weapons.

Finally, approximately the series of missions. Otherworld Legends does now not have as many NPCs as Soul Knight, however the sport is built with a system of basic missions, carefully attached to the plot.

You just get to discover the content, and you get rewards every time you complete it. Interestingly, proper?


Characters in Otherworld Legends are an detail that facilitates you win the disagreement. They come from distinctive dimensions of area and time, so their capabilities are sincerely precise and rich. The series consists of warriors,

knights, mages, ninjas, archers, up to magic masters. You need to analyze the strengths of each person, then choose the characters with the proper capacity to fight in every level.

Although I don’t don’t forget each character’s names, archers and mages are my favourite forms of warriors. They can assault from afar even as transferring flexibly.

Ninja and warriors are exceptional, they may be strong and have the quickest harm velocity. Soon, you may see how effective their ability is, when you fight in opposition to an military of monsters.


According to records, Otherworld Legends has greater than ninety varieties of items that you could collect and equip your character. It might be armor, protective shields, weapons or cloth fragments.

From what I enjoy, the weapon gadget is surely rich. There are many sorts, from armored gloves, swords, bows and arrows, to the drill bit.

However, that is not all, as the sport also allows you to merge them to create new weapons, with better characteristic factors and unique abilities.


Many people trust that the 16-bit graphics platform is unattractive and does not offer an amazing revel in. But when you have known Otherworld Legends before, you’ll realize that the claims above aren’t certainly proper, as a minimum for this game.

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