Ideal Ways to Perform the Top Pitching Drill Efficiently 

We can all agree that it is not an easy effort to pitch a baseball to a target that is only a few inches in diameter, 60 feet, and 6 inches distant. But a baseball pitcher’s success on the field will ultimately depend on his capacity to carry out this assignment precisely and consistently. You might consider getting private baseball pitching lessons in Indianapolis for practical training sessions to polish your skills. Now, we will discuss the top pitching drill and the right way to perform them 

One-knee Pitching Drill 

The purpose of the one-knee pitching drill is to separate the lower back so you may concentrate on developing good arm motion. 


To set up the one-knee pitch, pitchers stand in pairs and place their leading legs on the ground. 

Drilling technique: 

About 45 to 55 feet apart, the players kneel on the knee. A nice circular arm motion is use by the pitcher holding the baseball as he rotates his shoulder toward the throwing partner, bringing his arm backward with the baseball still in his palm. He throws the ball, bending the elbow and finishing past the opposing knee. 

Bucket Pitching Drill 

Once the pitch is made, practice bracing up over the front leg to promote a good completion. 


Pairs of pitchers kneel on their leading legs, with their kneeling feet resting on a 10-gallon bucket. 

Drilling technique: 

Players stand 45 to 55 feet apart while squatting with one foot on a 10-gallon bucket. The pitcher holding the ball will draw his arm back with the hand placed on top of the baseball, hop up and over the bent stride leg, and finish throwing the elbow past the opposing knee while using a superb circular arm motion and spinning the shoulder towards his throwing partner. 

The High-cock Position Drill 

Youth, college, and even professional pitchers who wish to concentrate on the baseball delivery from a high-3/4 arm angle use High-cock Position Drill.


To prepare the lower body for starting, the pitcher will stretch his feet into a fixed pitching stance that is significantly wider than shoulder-width apart with the leading leg’s toes pointed to the aim. Throughout the drill, the back foot stays firmly on the ground; it only shifts to the toes once the baseball is delivered. The elbow of the throwing arm should be perpendicular to the shoulders and in the high-cock position. 

Drilling technique: 

From this starting position, simply release the baseball by pulling the gloved arm back towards the body, twisting the hips, and putting pressure on the back foot. After the ball has been delivered, complete the motion to decrease the tension on the arm. A correct follow-through for a pitcher includes bending his back and bringing the elbow of his throwing arm to the opposing knee. 

The Quick Hands Drill 

The Quick Hands Drill increases pitching velocity by utilizing muscle memory. 


The mental and emotional processes involved in pitching a baseball mimic mechanical motion. Due to their body’s muscle memory from numerous hours of practice, it happens naturally. 

In order to erase the imprint from muscle memory, this exercise teaches the body to produce fast hands. Quick hands are directly connected with increased pitching velocity. 

Drilling technique: 

The hands should be clasped together, the ball in the glove. The lead leg’s toes face the target, and the legs are set up exactly like in the high-cock drill. Throughout the entire exercise, the legs stay in this fixed, shoulder-width-apart position. When the ball is released, the back foot will pivot onto its toes. The two feet are still separated by the same amount, though. The pitcher will break his hands as quickly and steadily as possible, pivot his hips, deliver the ball from a high-3/4 arm slot, and finish by bringing the elbow of the throwing arm to the opposite knee. 

The Pause and Balance Drill 

The pause and balance drill is the most efficient practice for helping a pitcher achieve a controlled and balanced balance position. 

Drilling technique: 

The ball should be in the glove, and the hands should be held together. The legs are positioned identically like in the high-cock exercise, with the lead leg’s toes facing the target. The legs continue in this stable, shoulder-width-apart position for the duration of the movement. The back foot will turn onto its toes as the ball is thrown. But there is still the exact distance between the two feet. In order to deliver the ball from a high-3/4 arm slot and conclude by pushing the elbow of the throwing arm to the opposing knee, the pitcher will break his hands as swiftly and steadily as possible. He will also pivot his hips. 

The Shadow Balance Drill 

The critical initial phases of the pitching action can be learned by pitchers with the help of the Shadow to Balance Drill. Since no baseball is utilized in the drill, a pitcher can perform it daily, irrespective of when he pitches during a given week. 

Drilling technique: 

Right-handed players should take their cues from the right side of the rubber when the game begins, and left-handed players from the left. Maintaining your upper body onto your pivoting leg, slowly stand up. Lift your leading leg to the balancing position from the knee while rotating your hips forward toward the catcher. The leading leg should not be brought into balance. After at least 5 seconds in the equilibrium position, restart. 

The Leverage Drill 

Get your baseball pitcher into a balance position, have him post on a back leg that is only slightly bent, and then ask him to raise his knee to the level you want to see it at during the pitching motion. By laying your hand palm down, measure the height. Then, without a ball, have your baseball pitcher practice his delivery. 

During the pitching motion, have your pitcher touch the bottom of your outstretched hand with the top of his knee. Your pitcher will have to maintain a tall stance on the back leg. Your pitcher won’t be able to raise his front knee to the same height you had measured while standing on one foot if he collapses. 

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