Is Riding an Electric Scooter Healthy for me?


Could riding an electric scooter be right for you?

Exercise is important for everyone, regardless of age. Physical activity can increase muscle strength and improve endurance. Exercise can help us in other ways:

It improves our mood

Increase our energy

Sleep better

Weight control

Fight against health conditions and diseases

If you’ve been exercising regularly, you’ve probably seen improvements in yourself.

But what does this have to do with electric scooters, you may ask?

Well, Electric Scooters give you more exercise than you think.

We don’t mean you’ll pay pounds after riding a few scooters; There are other areas of health and fitness that benefit from riding a scooter, such as core development, balance and coordination.


Is riding an electric scooter a good exercise?

As we mentioned in a previous article, kick scooters give you more exercise than Electric scooters for Adults because you have to propel yourself to propel the scooter forward. However, an e-scooter can help you exercise in your daily routine.


What are the health benefits of riding an electric scooter?

Going to the gym, running, and walking are great ways to get in shape. However, people get lazy and those expensive gym memberships go to waste.


If you can’t incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine, riding an electric scooter can be an easier way to start because it’s a low-intensity exercise.



Balance is one of the six areas of healthy exercise, and while balance may seem like a basic skill, riding an e-scooter can help you develop it without much effort. This is especially useful for people who are clingy. When riding an electric scooter, keep equal weight on both sides.


Balance can be difficult for beginners, but with time it will become second nature. You’ll also gain more balance when turning more corners, taking corners, and climbing hills. You’ll notice a more upright posture as you adjust over time. This is also very helpful as you get older and your joints begin to weaken.


Basic development;

If you’ve been to the gym, you’ve probably done a lot of exercises to work your core, including push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. They are not that tasty and you will be sore after a few days. So why not ride an e-scooter?


Riding an electric scooter strengthens your core muscles because your body is constantly moving. When you change direction, maintain, or start moving, your muscles contract and relax. The muscles involved are the muscles of the legs, thighs, arms and shoulders.


At the same time, you strengthen the hamstrings and lower body muscles in the abdominal and pelvic areas.



When riding an electric scooter, you have to concentrate because there is a lot going on around you. Moreover, it needs to perform various tasks at the same time, such as controlling, accelerating, displaying, and converting. All these processes require perfect coordination; Failure to do so may result in injury or an accident.


If riding an electric scooter is comfortable, you will find that you spend less time on your scooter and get things done faster. You can also dodge obstacles that come your way. Good coordination can also help you accomplish other tasks in your daily life.


A feeling of freedom;

There is nothing more exciting than the feeling of being free. People don’t like to stay indoors, which is why there is such a big market for conversions.


Riding a bluetooth e Scooter gives you the same feeling: wind in your hair, fast travel and lots of space around you. It also has the advantage of not breathing in fumes from your own car.


Public transport can also be very claustrophobic and in our time when people are trying to socially distance themselves, public transport has lost its appeal.


What are the other benefits of electric scooters?


In terms of compactness, an electric scooter is almost unbeatable. The foldable electric scooter makes it easy to transport to other modes of transport, climbing stairs and entering buildings.


Each electric scooter model has a different folding system, designed for ease of use. You will find that most of them have a rod or lever system to double the scooter. Some may have a hook to hold the scooter in place, or you will hear a sound indicating that it is locked.


However, not all electric scooters are foldable. If affordability is what drives you to buy an electric scooter, look for these functional models.


The silence;

Electric scooters are so quiet you can barely hear them coming from the street. Most of the noise you hear when driving in the city comes from cars, trucks and buses. Unlike other forms of transportation, electric scooters are quiet and can get you around town quickly.


Convenient to work;

Cars are expensive because you have to pay for registration, driver’s licence, gas and parking. Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere free, public transport costs can also add up if you use it every day.


Electric scooters are cheap because they only need electricity to charge. Depending on the electric scooter model, this can take an average of 2 to 5 hours. Maintenance costs for an electric scooter are very low, making it one of the cheapest ways to get around. You can read more about the costs of owning an electric scooter here.


What are the advantages of riding an electric scooter over other vehicles or walking?


To be honest, public transport in Australia is not very good compared to other countries. Even in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney, you’ll need to check the arrival time of the next tram or train in advance.


Having an electric scooter means you can leave the house whenever you want and know exactly how long it will take you to get from A to B. This is not the case with other means of transport, unless you are on a bicycle. or on foot.


Although driving is faster than using Electric scooters, traffic jams and traffic accidents can cause serious delays. Public transport and railways may also experience maintenance or bad weather. An electric scooter is a more convenient way to get around.


Faster than walking;

Walking is fun, but sometimes you just want to get where you need to go. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to walk if you are heavy carrying large packages.


Electric scooters can travel very quickly, so if you have a heavy bag or groceries, you can get home faster. Getting around town is also often congested, so you can get around faster if you can use the pedestrian and cycle lanes.

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