keto diet

Keto Diet Benefits & Risks 

keto diet

It has developed a lot. A low-carb, high-fat diet – Keto has a lot to offer, making it a go-to diet for dieticians.

In 1920, who would have thought that this diet plan could help with the problems of obesity as well as excessive sugar levels and skin and cholesterol issues

But, it isn’t the holiest of grails since it is a risky one.

What are the keto diet’s advantages and disadvantages? Are there any benefits to trying the diet? Do you know of another option? Keep reading until the conclusion of this article, and you’ll get all your concerns addressed!

12 Keto Diet Benefits You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

If you include keto-friendly food items such as coconuts, avocados and nuts, as well as green vegetables, into your diet and cut out the carbs, there’s plenty to benefit from. These are the benefits to be looking for:

1) Weight Loss

The benefits of the Keto diet in weight loss are known. However, very few know why.

First of all, following a keto-friendly diet will reduce your appetite. You feel fuller for longer, as keto diet food items generally absorb slower than carbohydrate-rich food items.

In a study from 2007 to 2007, participants who adhered to the ketogenic diet, which is low in carbs, diet experienced less hunger in comparison to those who didn’t.

Keto aids in removing excess fluids from your body over the initial weeks. A study that examined the composition of weight loss revealed that over 60 per cent of the lost weight is caused by water.

Dietary Keto helps to reduce weight by reducing the amount of water in the body.

2) You Lose Belly Fat

Another reason that Keto is efficient in weight loss is the fact that it acts directly on belly fat (visceral fat).

It is among the most dangerous types of fats that can be stored within your body. It is very difficult to eliminate.

3) Reduced Blood Sugar Levels

aside from weight loss, that you can reap. Being able to control or avoid Diabetes is an important one.

This is the main cause of Diabetes, and overcoming it can help manage your blood sugar levels more effectively.

Studies prove this. A study conducted in 2008 concluded that within six months of adhering to the keto diet, 95% of those who had type 2 diabetes reduced or eliminated their medication to lower glucose.

4) Reduced Acne

The advantages of a ketogenic diet for the skin aren’t mentioned often. They are nevertheless important considering that our diet plays an important part in the health of our skin.

By reducing simple carbohydrates, specifically, you can reduce inflammation in the body, which is the primary cause of acne. Furthermore, the omega-3 fats found in keto-friendly foods like avocados are beneficial for the skin.

Beware of unhealthy fats since they can cause your skin to become oily and can cause breakouts.

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5) Reduced Risk Of Cancer

The main cause is oxidative stress. This happens when free radicals begin to harm healthy cells.

The keto diet is to stabilize hormones, such as insulin. It also aids in the use of antioxidant stress against cancerous cells rather than healthy ones.

6) Reduced PCOS Symptoms

The condition is typical because of hormonal imbalance. In fact, insulin resistance is often the cause.

As mentioned, the keto diet is a great way to regulate the levels of insulin. It also reduces the extra weight, which is an indication of PCOS. It helps combat PCOS and manages your menstrual cycle.

7) Improved Energy

When you consume carbohydrates gives you instant energy that is wonderful for certain people but can result in jitters for the majority of us. But, when you consume fats instead of carbs, you gain energy gradually due to the slower breakdown process that occurs in fat foods.

The slow release of energy can also mean you’re energized for longer.

8) Prevent Diseases of the Arteries

If you consume extra calories that aren’t processed immediately to provide energy, your body converts them into triglycerides, which are kept in the fat cells.

Research suggests that the greater the number of triglycerides in your body, the higher your chances of being at risk. This includes conditions such as stroke, heart attack or peripheral arterial disease.

All of these are caused by triglycerides. They result in your arterial vessels shrinking. They decrease their size, and this isn’t enough for blood vessels to circulate and transport oxygen to the vital organs.

9) Controlled Blood Pressure

Being overweight, eating unhealthily processed food (full of carbohydrates) and being a salt-intolerant person in your body could cause high blood pressure.

But, the keto diet is a great way to reduce weight. It also prevents the consumption of carbohydrates, whether healthy or junk food. It results in a lot of urination which assists in eliminating excessive sodium levels within your body. It also helps to keep blood pressure levels under control.

10) Improved Immunity

A low-carb, high-fat diet is a great way to reduce inflammation due to its antioxidant properties. Studies suggest that this diet may also aid in activating immune cells.

If the inflammation continues to linger, it could cause tissue damage and weaken your immune system. Therefore, by fighting inflammation, Keto can help strengthen your immune system.

11) Improved Heart Health

A diet that is rich in fats can help boost HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol. This ensures that the flow of blood is what it should be without causing an increase in blood pressure or the chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

12) A Treatment Against Diseases

When you eat ketogenic food, ketones are made that offer neuroprotective benefits. They protect and strengthen neurons in the brain and can be beneficial against illnesses like Alzheimer’s or dementia.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, ketosis may help reduce seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy.

Similar studies have also found Keto’s efficacy against Parkinson’s as well as Bipolar disorder, too.

3 Keto Diet Risks That Make Dieting Difficult

1) Insomnia

If you’ve ever tried to stop sugar consumption, you’ve seen the difficulty. You should now think about the complete elimination of all carbs, which means quitting sugar that is natural as well. It’s not simple and can cause withdrawal symptoms. One of the symptoms is keto insomnia.

If you begin adhering to a keto diet, your body will experience a deficiency of the hormone serotonin that aids in making melatonin, an important sleep hormone. This is because carbohydrates are responsible for the production of serotonin. If you’re not getting enough sleep hormone, sleeping at the right time can be a challenge.

2) Diarrhea

A keto diet that is high in fat has many benefits but it’s difficult to digest this much fat if you’re not familiar with it. The process of metabolizing fat could require more time and effort from your body, which isn’t easy in the early diet.

If your body’s not able to digest these fats, sometimes it is possible that the undigested food will end up in the colon. In order to eliminate this fat from your stool, your colon begins taking in more water to aid the process of excretion. This causes watery diarrhea.

Watery diarrhea can also cause the fluids to become imbalanced. This can lead to electrolyte imbalances, which can cause more problems. How? Find out!

3) Dehydration

Are you aware that when you consume carbohydrates, your body makes insulin, a hormone? Insulin helps the kidneys store water in addition to other things.

If you reduce your intake of carbs, you reduce insulin levels and this results in less retention of water. This means that your body’s fluids will be expelled through urine.

Furthermore, you lose electrolytes, such as sodium, when you shed water in your urine frequently. This sodium is essential for maintaining the fluid balance in your body. It is required to be replaced.

The keto diet food items don’t contain sufficient sodium. This leads to decreased water retention and, consequently, increased dehydration. The best solution is to consume more fluids when following your ketogenic diet. Also, you should be sure that you drink electrolyte beverages to prevent an imbalance of electrolytes.

This is essential since dehydration symptoms such as cramps, fatigue and constipation could cause more harm to your body.

Is The Keto Diet Worth It?

The keto diet is beneficial by reducing the risk of obesity and blood sugar levels, and skin issues. However, it is not without risks like diarrhea, dehydration and insomnia.

However, I think going Keto is well worth the effort. This is because the majority of the risks are temporary. Once your body has become accustomed to digesting fats and you’ve figured out how much water to drink when you’re on Keto, these dangers won’t be a big threat to you.

If you’re still convinced that Keto isn’t the right choice for you or isn’t for you, You can always test alternative healthy eating strategies. You could try intermittent fasting, monk-fasting or even the paleo diet.

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