Know Finishing and Hallmarking to Buy Genuine Jewellery Online

Karigar gives the jewellery a final polish and retouching. There are multiple types of finish that your customer could choose for their jewellery and hence you must be familiar with all so that you can be comfortable when selling your jewellery. Finishing is integral because wearing jewellery is a very intimate relationship between customer and jewellery.

Every client is different and their needs, tastes and desires are different too. There are hundreds of different types of metal polishes to suit every one.


Mint colour provides a lustreless finish which does not reflect light. However, as the metal is used for fine work and there are many instances when it could be polished because it will receive constant wear. It can scratch easily as well.


High Polish refers to the gold jewellery in which the artisans polish and decorate the metal so that it appears to be highly reflective and smooth. Such a finish gives out the true colours, nature and brilliance of the metal itself.

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This finish is one of the most popular and common in jewelry. It has a crosshatch pattern or engraved lines that give the wearer the benefit of wearing a different metal but with the same look.


This polished satin finish gold looks like the velvety touch in fabrics. The Satin finish is another style wherein the metal looks like it is so soft almost resembling the velvety touch in fabrics. This softened look is not as bright but is very soft to touch and still maintains the qualities of the metal.

Finished jewellery is a vital part of the manufacturing process. It resolves problems like extra soldering marks and sharp edges, which are not nice when selling precious jewellery. You can be assured of the quality of your finished products, as all our jewelry goes through strict quality checks. This allows us to confidently offer you flawless solutions to your jewellery procurement needs.


Gold is a precious metal and it is used in many parts of society. You can identify valuable bullion by the Hallmarking stamped on the metal. This allows individuals to know the karatage of their bullion. The hallmarking process is done through engraving and etching which ensures durable marks can be engraved as well. Engraving and etching will help maintain your 1 gram gold jewellery from getting corroded or tarnished over time, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

BIS hallmarks are specific markings and stamps that are used by the BIS International to prove the authenticity of metals. The hallmarking process is applied on certain metals which have a specific origin and grade. This ensures that only an authorised approved assayer can mark these metals according to specified regulations. You can use this certification for selling your jewellery for example, because your clients can trust the products you sell.

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