Now Obtain Hindu Divorce in Pakistan (2022) by Lawyer

Obtain Hindu Divorce in Pakistan:

If you wish to obtain Hindu divorce in Pakistan from the best lawfirm in Pakistan, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The couple has left home with no permission of the husband and not returning. The husband was obstructing his wife in order to stop her from pursuing the woman’s Ph.D., but he was able to take the money from her scholarship to pay for his crimes. Mrs. asks her husband’s mom to move the home into her name, and then on refusing to harass her, force her out of the home. Fraudulently filed criminal and civil lawsuits for Hindu divorce in Pakistan from the best law firm in Pakistan in succession with the purpose of harassing their husband.

Second Marriage Contract:

The husband did not like her from the beginning. He contacted her at the second wedding, requesting a dowry. After the wedding, the wife was eloping with her male friend. The wife slammed and insulted her husband. In the subsequent cases, the courts decided that there was no evidence of brutality in urging and pushing on a wife who is not willing to go with the husband to his home.

Occasionally Brutal Beatings:

A single or occasionally brutal beatings of the wife by the husband. Small disputes and problems for Hindu divorce in Pakistan from the best lawfirm in Pakistan. Child beating and dispute between the couple. Refusal to provide the diet and treatment prescribed by a physician because that was out of the reach of the husband. The mere drinking of alcohol by the husband without violence, insults, and abuse.

Best Law Firm in Pakistan:

Regarding the Hindu divorce in Pakistan from the best lawfirm in Pakistan based on the complaint of the wife, filing an FIR U/s.498-A IPC is not a case of violence against the husband. To have the wife who has been a victim of sexual gang assault. Initiation of legal process U/s.498-A and 323 of the IPC against the husband that failed. The wife is going to her parent”s home without her husband”s permission. Husband is negligent of wife”s health, never visiting her after giving birth to the child. 12.

Petition by the Wife:

Filing of a petition by the wife for maintenance in accordance with Sec.125 Cr.P.C. and are initiated if the husband fails to pay for maintenance and a warrant for non-availability may be issued. This arrest is not considered to be cruel. These days, the majority of couples are requesting the court on Hindu divorce in Pakistan from the best lawfirm in Pakistan for divorce based on minor motives, citing the grounds of the cruelty. If the couple is able to live with each other in day-to daily family life, it would be possible to avoid the rising divorce cases in India.


The term “desertion” is a reference to abandonment or surrender. In the context of Section 13 of the Code, it refers to an intentional abandonment of one spouse by the other, without the consent of either party and without reasonable excuse. The term “desertion” refers to the denial of the petitioner by the opposing spouse to the marriage, without reason with or without permission or the will of the person, as well as the willful disregard of the person who petitions by another of the parties to the marriage.