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Best Online Classes for Class 12- Online Video lectures

Numerous institutions cater online and offline classes for CBSE class 12. But due to the current crisis, it is neither safe nor allowed to go for offline classes at schools and colleges. The closure of these offline services has led the entire spotlight on online classes for class 12 where students are learning not only their curriculum but also other skills like singing, AI, etc.

Class 12 students are the most affected in the education system during the current situation. It has disrupted their entire schedule due to the regular postponement of class 12th board exams and left them anxious regarding their preparation.

Class 12 online classes are proving their worth as they are every day adding value to society by teaching students whose studies have got completely disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The classes are providing students necessary assistance in completing their studies.

Different Types of Online Classes for Class 12

There are various types of class 12th online classes like Recorded video lectures, Live online classes, Pendrive courses, or paid online classes to choose the best from. All these classes claim to provide the best resources but are not good enough. The CBSE class 12 online classes has biggest advantage of being accessible from everywhere. Although students should also know the other advantages and disadvantages of each online class.

Class 12 Video lectures-

Class 12 Online video lectures are made available to students by various online portals, although not all of them are efficient enough. The CBSE class 12 Video lectures provided by Vidya Setu are the best in the market and are trustable by the 12th students. You can also find the recorded lectures at Vidya Setu and download them to view them multiple times.

Live online/ Zoom Classes for Class 12

The Live classes are available only once, while it is going on in real-time. Students do not have access to the class once it’s over. This is a huge disadvantage to students as there might be situations like bad networks or internet errors.

Class 12 Chargeable Online Coaching-

There are various chargeable online classes provided by online portals like Byjus or Vedantu. They have a reputation but at the same time are facing a lot of heat due to their regressive fee culture. Multiple cases have been filed against these classes as they charge lump-sum money but are unable to provide worthful services. These services are becoming dubious each day.

Class 12 Pen Drive courses-

Pen Drive courses are not an efficient way of teaching at all. It does not involve any interaction with teachers. The classes in the pen drive course are PowerPoint presentations and can lead to a lack of preparation.

Private Online Tuition-

Private online tuition is also provided by the teachers who earlier used to teach offline. These online tuitions provide one-to-one lectures. But these lectures lack opportunities and interactions with peer groups. Students may get good at studying but would lack in overall growth of the students.

Each online class for class 12 has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the common disadvantages that all of these classes have, except for video lectures, is that they are very expensive. The online classes should not be expensive as the students might not have enough facilities to pay the fees.

The video lectures are the best out of all these types of online classes for class 12. Let us see Where can we get the best class 12 online video lectures.

Vidya Setu – Best Online Classes for class 12

The Vidya Setu is a leading online portal looking forward to educating as many students as possible. It is a non-profitable organization that provides top-class education. It is achieving its motto with the help of immensely skillful teachers who have a way with teenagers.

Before Understanding how is Vidya Setu best online portal for class 12th commerce Video Lectures, you should know the features of Vidya Setu which make it unique.

Feature Of Vidya Setu Online Classes

The features of Vidya Setu are unique as it provides lectures not with a motive to earn profit but to educate students.

  1. Resourceful Study Material- It Provides the most trusted and reliable study material. The resources provided are NCERT books, notes, solutions, even sample test papers, and mock papers.
  2. Experienced teachers are the topmost advantage, and the most liked feature by all. As the CBSE Class 12 curriculum is difficult, it is important for students to study from the best faculty.
  3. Being free of cost is a dream come true for students who are not financially able. They look for alternative and cheap ways to complete their education.
  4. Other features involve problem-solving, accessibility, and recorded lectures which are extremely helpful to students.

Hence, these features of Vidya Setu are surety enough of its excellence and noble cause.


There are various types of online classes for 12th-standard students. These classes are distinct in live online coaching for class 12, Class 12 Video lectures, Pendrive courses, chargeable online classes, and private online tuition. Although the most trusted is Vidya Setu Free online classes for class 12 which can be joined without any subscription.