Piles In Kids – Symptoms & Treatment

Piles become a major lifestyle problem in the long run. Adults often suffer from Piles or anal fissures. They are treatable with proper medicines and ointments. However, when it comes to kids, it causes a lot of issues. Piles in kids are not something that happens regularly. Therefore, extra care should be taken when it comes to Piles in kids. If your kid is suffering from any of the symptoms of piles, do visit a Piles doctor in Chennai or near you as soon as possible. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about piles in kids, their symptoms, and treatment options.

What are Piles in kids?

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are the lumps that form inside and around the anus during the passage of hard stool. It is an inflammatory disease wherein the rectal nerves that act as shock resistance are swelled up. Due to this, there is constant pain and redness in the area. If the hemorrhoids are chronic, then bleeding may also occur during the passage of stool. It is, however, treatable so there are lesser risk factors involved. But chronic Hemorrhoids can cause severe problems as the child grows into an adult. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them on time.

Are piles in kids different than those in adults?

Simply putting, no. The symptoms of piles in kids are the same as those of adults. However, the cause of piles in kids varies from that of adults. Also, adult hemorrhoids are more common as compared to hemorrhoids in kids. Kids with piles also have pain while passing the stool because of the swollen blood vessels in the rectal region. There is also redness in the rectal region which can cause a burning sensation during or after a bowel movement.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids in kids?

The most common cause of hemorrhoids in kids is constipation. Due to dehydration kids often suffer while passing the stool. If your kid’s bowel movement is not smooth, it can generate friction in the rectal region, causing the blood vessels to rupture and cause Hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a track of your kid’s bowel movements. Also, note the time they take in the bathroom so that you can be sure whether they are suffering from constipation or not.

Another known for hemorrhoids in kids is chronic liver failure. If your child’s liver is not functioning properly, then the blood may travel back into the other veins and disrupt circulation. This can increase the blood pressure near the anal region, cause bursting of the vein and Hemorrhoids may occur. If your child has these problems, it is best to consult a doctor in Chennai for a better diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of Piles in kids?

The symptoms may vary from individual to individual. However, most kids with piles suffer from the following general symptoms.

  • Pain while passing the stool.
  • Persistent constipation.
  • Redness in the rectal area.
  • Swollen blood vessels appear in the form of lumps in the anal area.
  • Rectal bleeding in case of chronic Hemorrhoids.
  • Indigestion and gas formation. 

When to see a doctor 

If your kid is having issues passing the bowel smoothly or having any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is better to visit a piles doctor in your area, if you live near Chennai, a piles doctor in Chennai can treat Hemorrhoids in kids quickly. You can also follow some home remedies for treating piles, but they may not always be effective. Gastroenterologists in Chennai are easily available for treating piles in children.

Treatment Options for Piles in kids

There are various treatment options available if your kid has hemorrhoids. A gastroenterologist in Chennai can treat the above-mentioned symptoms very quickly. Some of the treatment options are as follows:

  • Adjusting behavior: if your kid spends too much time in the bathroom try to limit it. This will help in reducing the strain on their rectal veins. Limit the time in such a way that they have enough time to pass the bowel without any extra straining. 
  • Changes in the diet: if you know that your kid is suffering from constipation, try to alter their diet by adding more fibrous foods such as wheat, barley, fruit and vegetable juices, and other fiber-rich food items.
  • Laxatives or Enemas: if your kid suffers from chronic Hemorrhoids, it is best to consult a doctor. They will examine your child’s condition, and many prescribe laxatives that can relieve constipation. Enemas are also effective in relieving constipation in kids. However, make sure it is done under the supervision of a doctor. 
  • Ointments: Ointments that can cure Piles are also an effective way to treat Hemorrhoids. They are over-the-counter medicinal ointments that can reduce the swelling of the veins in the rectal region. They can be directly applied to the affected area. However, consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

    Piles in kids are not a common thing. Therefore, if your kid is suffering from these symptoms such as rectal bleeding, lumps in the anal region, and difficulty in bowel movement, then it a safer to consult a piles doctor in Chennai. A gastroenterologist in Chennai can also help in treating these problems!

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