Properly Packaging THC Products


With the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in many states, the days of back-alley purchases conducted away from the eyes of law enforcement are over. Marijuana and other THC products are sold in shops just as alcohol is. It’s a new type of business that some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of and many are doing well.

THC products are no longer placed in plastic sandwich bags. As legitimate items for purchase, they are packaged in proper containers with informative labels. There are best packaging practices that should be followed.

THC Labels

As with any other product for sale, colorful THC labels that stand out and attract the eye are good business practices. It is also important to include a warning label that states that the product contains THC and is not safe for children or pets. This label protects the consumer as well as the vendor from liability lawsuits due to accidental ingestion. Labels should clearly display the name of the product as well as the contents. Using sustainable and recyclable materials in packaging can help attract younger customers. This information should also be prominent.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Bottles and jars made of glass are good options for selling cannabis products. Their transparency allows customers to see the contents and judge its quality. This is especially helpful for leaves, buds, and flowers.  Glass is also an inert material that won’t react with the contents, allowing it to leach into the container.

Silicon Jars

For concentrates of cannabis such as wax, a silicon jar is a good choice. Silicon won’t stick to the contents and prevent the customer from getting all of it out of the jar. Cannabis containers are made from medical-grade silicon and the product will not leach into them either.

Plastic Vials

For cannabis cigarettes and small amounts of leaves and plastic, plastic vials work well. These are similar to prescription bottles used by pharmacies. They generally have a child-proof cap which is a nice safety feature. They are excellent for medical THC products.

Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are commonly used for packaging food and organic products. They can be a good option for packaging THC products as they are easy to label and hold plenty of the product. When using mylar, it’s good to have a transparent window so customers can view the product. Avoid a completely clear bag as it looks unprofessional as depicts the days of illegal transactions.

Tin Containers

Tin containers have a sealable lid and can keep out moisture and sunlight. The helps keep the contents fresh. They usually have a see-through top or window to allow viewing of the product. Tin containers can also be vacuum-sealed with shrink wrap to optimize freshness.

In many states, THC products are now legal and this has created a new industry for people who want to own a business. Running a dispensary or cannabis shop can be lucrative. Quality products and competitive prices are important to compete successfully. Don’t neglect proper packaging and labels. They too, make a difference.


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