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Self-publishing your hardcover book for free might seem like an oxymoron but if you want to publish your own book for free and go for self-publishing then they are good options in today’s day and age.

From fiction books to nonfiction books and any type of paperback and also hardcover, everything is being published through different self-publishing platforms including the publishing of hardcover copies.

There are different types of book formats in the self-publishing platform and self-publishing authors have preferred only a few types of formats.

From reputed traditional publishers to Amazon Kindle direct publishing, bestsellers have come in primary three categories, paperback, eBook and hardcover.

Hardcovers have been the most popular type of format for self-publishing and you will find many reputable tips and guides to publishing your hardcover book for self-publishing.

Let us find out why hardcovers are preferred by self-publishers and any publisher whether it is limited edition books or mass-market books.





One of the primary reasons why hardcovers are recommended and also preferred by so many authors is simply because of their legitimacy.


Nobody takes good care of paperbacks and it is simply because that format is designed to be used roughly and not taken care of, the paper’s quality isn’t as good.


Now if we compare that to hardcovers then we can understand why it is so much better.  Hardcovers might increase printing costs but if someone buys a hardcover then you can be assured that it will be good for generations.


Hardcovers are kept test results and have a dedicated place in every library and that is why if you want to become a household name and if you want your work to be read for generations then heart covers at the best option.




One of the first things that people ask when they want to know how to self-publish their own hard-cover books for free is what will be the printing cost of printing a hard-covered book.


While the printing cost of a hardcover book is probably twice or even more than that of paperbacks and probably three times as much as an eBook but there are several advantages.


One of the most crucial advantages of a hardcover book is that it can be stored for a long period of time without much attention and this makes it totally worth to stock on hardcover books.


This means that the hardcover book is going to last in a shop for a much longer time than any paperback as the sellers will also prefer hardcover books.


One of the most important reasons why it is profitable is simply because the profit margins set for hard-cover books are much more.


This is just convention that hardcover books are priced higher but it is totally worth it to invest in hardcover books simply because the profit margin is also going to be nearly double or even more.




This is one of the most important reasons from the buyers’ perspective because whenever someone is spending some money in the market they want something durable.


This philosophy resonates across industries and across products and this is also a similar thought process when it comes to books.


Hardcover books are the most durable type of book simply because of how it is made.  Everything about the book is reinforced.


The front and back covers are made of heart cardboard or any other hard material and also would in some cases.


The spine is reinforced and the book is bound to the spine very tightly so that the design is such that the book can be opened and closed numerous times without falling apart.


And that is why customers always prefer heart cover books and their only reason for not driving it is the cost.




Appearance is one of the most important dictating factors that determine the purchasing power of any product and that is also quite important when it comes to books.


While we might say that we should not judge a book by its cover but in the real world a book is judged primarily by its cover for the first time.


If the book is a paperback, then a different thought process goes on and the reader looks at the cover and if the cover is appealing then the reader delves deep into the book.


Similarly, when the reader looks at a hardcover then the reputation of the book already increases in the minds of the reader because hardcover books are associated with quality and are seen as a class above other books.


Therefore, if you published a book in the hardcover format, you will get this advantage whenever someone visits the bookstore and looks at books and find out about your hardcover.


While of course, the reader is going to turn around the pages and find out if they actually like the book but that first impression is quite important because that can affect the reader’s ultimate choice of whether to buy the book.




Whenever you decide to publish a hardcover book, you enter the elite club of authors who are eligible for collections that no paperback can reach.


We are of course talking about everything from libraries to personal connections and any other collection for books.


Any official institution always prefers heart covers because they have to keep the book in that for a long time and if your book is a heart cover then it becomes quite easy for you to be a part of that group.


We hope you have liked this blog and we hope you get to decide if you want to publish your book in heart cover.


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