Reasons for Internet Outages

Internet Outages

You were streaming the FIFA World Cup 2022 match and the game was getting pretty intense until it starts buffering. Don’t you hate it when that happens? You are deprived of access to the internet. All your work is stored online and you cannot get back to it. You got upcoming scheduled gaming with your friends and you’re infuriated that you won’t be able to make it. Internet outages are inevitable even if you have subscribed to the best ISP like Xfinity.

If you are looking to find reasons why outages happen, read on. By the end of this article, you should be able to understand how to deal with it as well.

Types of Internet Outages

Learning about the types of internet outages helps you understand the different levels of how the internet can get disrupted outside your home.

Local Interference

The disruption in your internet connection could happen within your own home. Maybe a wire connected to the internet equipment has come loose and you need to reattach it again. The wire has probably come off the power outlet. Or any of these wires could be broken and need to be replaced? Whatever the reason, before complaining to a technician, you need to check if the problem is occurring from your end. Additionally, a computer virus can also cause an internet outage, making it difficult for you to receive an internet connection.

ISP Error

It could also be the case that the internet service provider you are receiving your internet connection from could be running into some connectivity or infrastructure problems. It could include failures in the database, power outages, errors in software, the infrastructure of wires being damaged, etc. They can only resolve such issues and they should keep you updated on the progress about when the internet should be working again.

Regional Issue

This refers to problems in internet connection that is way out of the control of your home and ISP. It includes unpredictable weather conditions, severe climate changes, major power outages, and physical damage to the source from where you receive your internet connection. Any of these factors can disrupt the flow of the internet to your home and the biggest dilemma is that you cannot really deal with these issues on your own.

What Can You Do?

Now that you understand what are the different factors that can lead to an internet outage in your home, you can try some of the following steps. Do make sure your internet bills have all been paid because that is also one of the reasons why you aren’t getting an internet connection on your devices. If they have already been paid for, read on to find out what else could be the reason behind your home internet downtime;

Check Your Modem

Most of your internet issues can be fixed by checking the modem/router. Reset the modem/router by pressing the power button on the back, waiting for 30 seconds, and then turning it on again. Try connecting your devices and resuming your internet activities again after two minutes. If it works, that means the problem was with the modem/router.

Change IP address

Another option is to refresh your device’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. Generally, the IP address changes every time your devices connect to the internet. Try setting a different IP address to your laptop or computer to get rid of the problem of an internet outage.

Call Your Internet Service Provider

If it doesn’t work out from your end and the problem is continuous, then it’s time to call your internet service provider. Request for technical assistance and guidance. Depending on what the problem is, ISP will probably send a technician to your home to help you resolve the issue or let you know that the problem is being resolved from their end, and should take time.

Are Internet Outages Common?

Yes, don’t worry, internet outages are pretty common. Depending on where you are located, you will experience internet outages occasionally. These outages can also be scheduled by service providers, where they let you know beforehand so that you can wrap up any important tasks on the internet. This happens frequently in terms of business where stakes are much, much higher. Because if internet service providers do not send out any such messages, then they can lose more than their revenues. In 2007, a major data center in San Francisco experienced unusual power outages, and as a result of that, many companies like LiveJournal, Adbrite, Yelp, Craiglist, etc. lost a lot of their revenues. This set them back from this unexpected power outage.

Hence, internet outages are very common and have a major impact on business and the economy.

Wrapping Up

It doesn’t matter if you belong to a single household or own a small/large company. All are susceptible to experiencing internet outages. If they are minor outages, then you can deal with them by yourself or through your ISP. Otherwise, there’s nothing to be done about major internet outages.


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