Roblox’s 8 Best Roleplay Games

Roblox lets users create and play games made by other players. The platform boasts hundreds of games that gamers all over the world love. Roblox has a wide range of games, which can be categorized into different categories. Many games are suitable for both children and adults. Roblox roleplay games are a great option for adults to enjoy.

Roblox’s 8 Best Roleplay Games

These are the 8 best Roblox Roleplay Games you can play.

  1.  Roleplay as a Vampire
  2. Ghost Simulator
  3.  Fantastic Frontier
  4. Animatronic World
  5. Ro Citizens
  6. Mad City
  7. Sundown Island
  8.  Medieval Roleplay

Roleplay as a Vampire

This is not Twilight. It has nothing in common with Twilight, except for demons and vampires. It will have a different plot, location, and other details. This roleplay is about a village of humans that have been cut off from the rest by the forests.

Since rumors have it that you will never see the woods again, no one has ever been to the woods. You can either live a normal life as a human or go into the woods if you’re a werewolf or a vampire. You must choose to remain in your culture as a werewolf, or become a vampire.

Ghost Simulator

This RPG Roblox game lets you visit different places such as deserts and mountains, towns, villages, forests, etc. in order to capture ghosts using a vacuum cleaner.

Although it may seem absurd to capture ghosts with a vacuum, the game is actually quite fun. You can meet not-so-scary ghosts, and sometimes you can even share them with your friends.

Fantastic Frontier

Fantastic Frontier gives you the world in your hands as you travel to various islands. You must defeat a variety creatures to advance in this adventure RPG.

This game puts you in an unusual position. The landscape design alone is a reason why so many people choose it.

Animatronic World

Animatronic World can be described as a game. This game allows you to live in a world similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s. You can choose to become a Nightguard or a regular person. Or an animatronic character. You can create your own if the provided ones don’t meet your expectations. This is why this game is so beloved.

Ro Citizens

RoCitizens allows you to become a totally different person by participating in a world that is entirely dependent on your actions. You can take on jobs and perform missions for residents. It even has a criminal system.

Mad City

GTA is a well-known title among gamers. Roblox’s version of Grand Theft Auto is Mad City. This game lets you play as a robber or a law enforcement officer. Mad City allows you to carry four weapons, including a shotgun and cold steel. You will improve your strategies and skills the more you play this game.

Sundown Island

Although they will be living as wolves on Sundown Island, there is no human population. However, this does not guarantee that they are secure. You can customize the wolf that you choose, and there are many creatures you can fight while you’re here.

Over 20 million people have visited this game, so it’s safe to say that it will be a hit with every RPG enthusiast.

Medieval Roleplay

Medieval Roleplay is one of ROBLOX’s most popular roleplay settings. Not for its construction or scripting, but because it allows for moderating. MRP is one of the few ROBLOX roleplays that has its own moderating staff and clear rules.

MRP 4.6 comes with a large map that includes a Thieves Guild and Rat Tunnels, Sewers as well as a Castle, Castle Town and Lake, a Knight’s Guild, and a Bandit Camp. The map is not yet complete.

Assassins are forbidden. It has been misused and it is not the Renascence Era anymore. Things trying to handle less-than-appropriate plots do not belong here.


Role-playing is a great source of entertainment that allows teams to play different roles and lead fascinating lives. Roblox has many great role-playing games.

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