Step By Step Software Courses That Anybody Can Follow

Do you have an idea for a software product but not sure where to start? Not sure which language to use or how to set up your business? Check out these step by step software courses that anybody can follow and learn how to build software products from scratch! Click on the banner below!


The first step in learning a new software is reading the manual

When you’re looking to learn a new piece of software, it’s always helpful to first read through the manual. Not only does this help you figure out what everything is and where everything is, but often times there are little tips or helpful tricks that aren’t in the tutorial or any written instructions. Plus, sometimes it can be hard to find all of these different documents on your own! For example, Thetechfoyer offers Share software training courses with three different track lengths so anyone can learn at their own pace and not get overwhelmed. This step-by-step guide includes instructional videos, practice sessions, instructor guidance, plus quizzes along the way.

The second step is watching video tutorials on YouTube

Thetechfoyer is a community driven site where software developers share their knowledge and insights in a step by step manner. It has tutorials on different platforms such as Unity3D, Game Maker, Cocos2D and Construct. Thetechfoyer also has tutorials on different topics such as Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya and more. As of today the community has more than 2000 members who have published over 20,000 tutorials.

Setting up example projects

One of the best things about these courses is that they are so easy to follow. You can set up any project you want, and each step has a detailed explanation and corresponding video tutorial. For example, you could set up a blog by following the course Master Your WordPress Site. The first steps include setting up your hosting account, installing WordPress on your domain, creating a new post, and formatting your post to look nice. Each step in this course is clearly laid out with screenshots so it’s really easy to follow along.

Video walkthroughs

Watching a video tutorial can be a great way to learn new skills and have a visual guide to follow. All you need is the ability to watch videos on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you three step by step software courses that will help you get started with software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign. These courses are for beginners and each one takes about five hours to complete.

They may look intimidating at first but when broken down into steps, they make a lot more sense!

Search YouTube

One of the best ways to learn how to use software is by watching a video tutorial. YouTube has a ton of tutorials for just about any software you can think of. There are two ways you can find the right tutorial for what you want to learn:

  • Search for your software on YouTube and then filter your search by Tutorial (for example, if you are trying to figure out how to use Photoshop, search Photoshop Tutorial on YouTube), or
  • Go through the tutorials one by one from most recent to oldest until you find something that seems like it will be helpful. Once you find an appropriate tutorial, watch the entire thing before starting in on using the software. You may even need to watch several videos before getting comfortable with everything because there might not be an all-encompassing guide. The more familiar you are with the tools available in each program, the easier it’ll be to use them and also help you make better choices when editing your photos.

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