The Enchanting Places to Travel with Your Royal Enfield in India

Riding bikes is a trending fashion and a passion for many. The resurgence in bike travelling is no more a commutable machine. It is much more for enthusiastic and adventurous bikers. The bike is a user-friendly vehicle that can take you to many places to travel on the road. It is a more thrilling experience when the two-wheeler is a Royal Enfield.

Almost every bike lover in India has an attraction to Royal Enfield bikes. No wonder its popularity emerges from its heavy-duty and robust features. It is a vital feature of a motorcycle to count on its performance. Though its affordability is a little on the high-end and functional bikes, riders prefer it blindly. Again it requires only little royal enfield accessories to enhance its features. 

If you’re planning your long-distance bike trip on a Royal Enfield, you have many places to visit in India. On your favourite bike, the Himalayas or down the green sea beaches of the South is an enchanting travel route. Once you get on the adventure riding on Royal Enfield is an experience you cannot express in words. So, you can check out an online store for motorcycle accessories if you want to upgrade your bike. 

Find out the top 5 places you can travel to in India on your Royal Enfield.

  1. The Gigantic Himalayas

 If you are a pro biker, this thrilling adventure is one of the best places to travel on your bike. Riding to the Himalayas requires courage and a passion for experiencing the unknown. This trip route starts from Leh, following the trails of Kargil. Then you will have the exhilarating exploration of the Penzi La pass through the roads of the Zanskar. 

 Then you will head to Ladakh, following the routes of this valley. Here you will ride through the narrow rocky passes and feel the icy cold water of Sutlej. The overall experience in the mountains and the beautiful nature is an excellent and worthwhile place to travel.

  1. Twang 

 West Arunachal Pradesh is one of the few places to travel that will mark your journey with an unforgettable memory. The unpaved roads and the sudden landslides are pretty challenging in this area. But the unparalleled beauty of nature and the tribal culture of Arunachal will fulfil the compensation. 

Many tourists visit this place to see the terraced farming, alpine forests, waterfalls, mountain streams, and tiny human settlements. You will start your riding journey from Bhalup kong and reach your destination at Tawang. 

  1. Places To Travel In Cochin

 Most people misunderstand Kerala as a place only for young couples. However, Kerala is one of the exciting places to ride on motorbikes. Here you can explore the wildlife, beginning the journey from Cochin toward the beautiful side of southern Ghats. Ride on your Royal Enfield to see the fantastic tea and rubber plantations, sanctuaries of wildlife, and paddy fields.

Again, travelling through the southwestern Ghats will let you discover the famous Munnar tea plantation and travel to the next destination in Ooty. 

  1. Goa Via Mumbai

 If you want to enjoy and experience the journey of a lifetime, this route is your true calling. This route is one of India’s most famous Royal Enfield adventure trails. Thousands of enthusiasts come here to ride through the western coastline of Goa. So, these are must-see places to travel on the bike at least once in a lifetime. Don’t forget to get the discount code of www.bikenashbar at to save your money.

  1. from Darjeeling to Sikkim

 This route is your next valuable trip if you are a nature lover. You can begin your journey from Siliguri to Yuksom, then travel through Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Gangtok and end at Pelling. The best part of this adventure trip is that this part is accessible all year round. 

So, kick start your Royal Enfield immediately if you want a short break from mundane life. You can feel a joyous ride to the exciting places to travel on this route. 

  1. Explore Meghalaya

Meghalaya is an all-time favourite tourist destination if you want to explore the northeastern side of India. You can ride to the major cities along with many beautiful places. Shillong and Cherrapunji are places where you can experience the most significant rainfall in the world. This route’s enigmatic fountains and lakes will leave you charmed for a while. So, bike riding here is a fantastic feeling.  

Travelling in India is a never-ending affair as you have many places to choose from many different options. You may have to invest your whole life to complete the gigantic list of fantastic places this country can offer. If you feel confused, check out these places and plan for other locations later.

Your bike is your most excellent companion if you travel in these spots. So if you are about to start your journey, then these places to travel are the best choices all over India. Before beginning the course of the trip, upgrade your Royal Enfield with the top-quality accessories at Carorbis. Don’t forget to follow to update the latest and most useful articles.