The History of Black Friday is Quite Surprising. Here are all the facts

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and sharing a Thanksgiving meal and family with friends. This is also the beginning of Christmas for millions of Americans, who start thinking about what gifts they will purchase for their loved ones. Unlike years past, which were marked by busy malls and department stores between November 25 and December 25, little can compare to the thrill of in-person Black Friday market shopping.

Black Friday is a day many people look forward to. They shop in their favorite stores and stay up until the early hours to get amazing deals. Black Friday is synonymous with chaos, shopping, and of course Black Friday. Black Friday has a long history. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, but you might be surprised at its fascinating history. We have done an extensive research to help you understand the history of Black Friday. This will allow you to appreciate Black Friday’s most remarkable (but still incredible) time of the year as you shop at your local shops for the best deals or exchange Thanksgiving trivia at dinner.

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It Is Called Black Friday

Although “Black Friday” is often associated with holiday shopping and has been for many years, this wasn’t always the case. This phrase was first used to describe the financial crisis after the collapse of the US gold market. It was then linked to retail after stores had been in the red for the entire year. Retailers found themselves “in black” after the Thanksgiving holiday because shoppers had spent their money on discounted products.

What was the first Black Friday?

CNN Money says that the first Black Fridays were held in Philadelphia in 1950. This term was used to describe all the shoppers who traveled from the suburbs to Philadelphia to shop after Thanksgiving. Why were there so many people? The stores in the city were selling advertising for the Army/Navy match, which was held on the Saturday after Turkey Day.

Is Black Friday a holiday that begins on Thanksgiving?

It was well-known for its extreme Voucher shopping. It was a four-day shopping spree that included spin-offs such as Small Business Saturday, Small Business Sunday, and Cyber Monday. Online shopping is growing rapidly and customers no longer need to wait until Thanksgiving Day to shop for Christmas presents. Target, Amazon, and Macy’s offer Black Friday US discounts in stores and online long before Thanksgiving.

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