The most important features of a quality watch

The most important features of a quality watch


Watches are personal. Every person has their taste in terms of design and style. So, we don’t wish to define what a great or bad watch looks like, but instead, what the characteristics of a good watch show are generally. These signs are easy to spot. One thing to remember is that we are considering a watch that is affordable (up to EUR 600). -).

1.  The material of a watch

A good men business watch comprises Stainless Steel. Ceramic or titanium watches are stronger and more durable. However, they come at a higher price. Stainless steel is superior to normal steel and is not affected by sweat or moisture. Additionally, irritation to the skin is uncommon when wearing a stainless steel wristwatch. Additionally, a PVD coating is necessary to ensure that a gold, rose gold, or black watch will keep its color. A watch that is not coated could fade over a year due to repeated usage. The material used is usually shown in the rear of watches. NOTE: Stainless steel (watch) back shows that only the back of the watch is composed of stainless steel. Additionally, the size of the watches can be a sign of the quality. It can indicate how sturdy the steel used is as well as what movement is being used. Additionally, the top brands of watches employ stainless steel 316L, which is purer. The type of stainless steel used and the PVD coatings are not always clearly displayed in the case of the watch. To determine the type of stainless steel used, it is always advisable to check with the vendor. However, if it’s an expensive brand, you can be sure it is fine.


A high-quality watch comes with sapphire crystal. Of course, it is contingent on the nature of the watch you are using for. Sapphire glass keeps its clarity and is scratch-free when exposed to frequent (violently) usage. Mineral glass or crystal glass is sufficient for a typical watch. Additionally, a watch made of this type of glass can be EUR 20 or less; however, it is more prone to scratches. If it is made from sapphire glass, it is visible on the back or dial on the back of your watch.


A decent, budget-friendly watch comes with a certified quartz mechanism or mechanical movement (COSC). There is a good chance of finding a Quartz movement (watch powered by battery) in the best watches priced below EUR 300 or less. One of the main advantages of quartz movement is it has smaller moving parts that are required. It makes the watches precise and more affordable. Dutch watch brand Prism utilizes Mayotte, Seiko, and Ronda’s movements. The brands have proven their worth through the years. They are renowned for their reliability and price-for-value. They can often last, provided they have properly maintained a lifespan of several years. Rarely is a mechanical clock that is less than EUR 10,000.It is hand-made. Mass production in the modern movement has led to a high-end product that can only be beaten with human hands.


Water resistance of 10 A/M is a sign-off with a high-quality watch. There is nothing more harmful to the time piece than the presence of water. Waterproofing is a crucial component of a quality watch. Like movement and materials, water resistance comes in various levels. 10 AMR water resistance means the watch can withstand up to 100m (or 10-bar) pressure. This makes it a great watch to swim with. Five ATMs (showering) and 3 ATMs (washing hands) are also water-resistant degrees. The watch should be at least 3 ATM water-resistant to provide comfort. Also, water resistance is usually indicated in the rear of the watch.


Above, we have features that focus on the watch’s case. With water resistance, it is possible to leap a quality strap. We suggest avoiding contact with water with the rubber strap (which isn’t waterproof). Additionally, the strap must be in good alignment with the case of the watch. The seams are designed to be narrow and symmetrical


In addition to the previously listed characteristics, we can also say that a good watch also has an attractive appearance. This is the distinction between an inexpensive and a high-end watch. It should be at ease and well-finished. The small details must come with an attractive, compelling total. Do you not notice any strange scratches, loose indexes, or other signs of poor craftsmanship? Then we could also say about the look of a quality watch.

6.  The NAME and HERITAGE OF A Watch Brand

It’s a risky topic to write about because the watch brand has extensive tradition. But, we frequently hear that someone bought a watch from a company that is no longer in existence for two years. It’s possible, but it shouldn’t hinder you from purchasing the watch. However, if there is a problem with your new watch, a reliable brand will provide an extra layer of protection by supplying spare parts, for instance. Do not be afraid to take a moment to research the watch’s brand. Explore the excellent watch brands for men’s and women’s timepieces.

 QUALITY Checklist of Watches


There are five fundamental characteristics that every watch of any quality must-have regardless of cost.

The material is at minimum (316L) stainless steel (titanium or ceramic) with PVD coating.

Scratchproof sapphire (for frequently used)

10-Amp water resistance

Excellent quartz movements (Mayotte, Seiko, Ronda) or a mechanically certified movement.

It has a nice finish. No strange bumps or loose components.

 Interesting to consider

A date indicator

Shine in the dark hands or indexes

The name and the history for the name. Are they still around in the next two years?

Do they have spare parts? Do you own a watch with a leather strap that isn’t waterproof, or aren’t you planning to swim wearing your wristwatch? If so, the 3 to 5 ATM water resistance is enough to clean your hands. If you cannot knock the watch over, then you should consider crystal glass or mineral glass instead of scratch-resistant sapphire glass.


Are you searching for an extremely robust watch? Consider these additional options to help you decide:

Crown protector

Screw crown

10-ATM or 20 ATM

Arabic numerals

Quartz movement with EOL function

Push pins fixed (spring bar sans collar)

It is also crucial that you have a rotating bezel to make a great divers watch. There are many functions that are essential to fulfill a particular purpose (e.g., GPS function for running). The first step is to think about the reason for your watch, and then the choice is much more straightforward. It will ultimately differ for each individual what the most suitable watch is. So, it is also possible to go to a jeweler to determine what will suit your needs best.