Things To Consider When Planning a Funeral

A funeral will never be a joyful occasion therefore planning a funeral will not be a fun process and it will be something that you wish you do not have to do. However, as death is a part of life, a funeral is something that at some point in our lives we have to plan.

Funeral director 

If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to planning, search for directors for funerals Melbourne based if you live there. A funeral director will be able to guide you through the entire process. Once you tell the director what you want then he or she can do the needful to make sure that your wish is carried out.

Friends and family

Although you have the help of a funeral director, keep in mind that it will still be a difficult process to get through. Therefore, having the assistance of friends and family is important. The funeral director will need information from you and your input before he or she decides on anything therefore, it can be overwhelming for you to do it all by yourself. Having the assistance of loved ones, it can make the entire process more bearable to get through. 

For example, the director may ask you to decide whether you want an open or closed casket. This is a decision that you may need assistance with and having family or friends to lean on and ask for advice will be helpful. 

The director may also ask you for a picture of the deceased. Instead of having to go through the heartache of looking through old pictures of your loved one you can instead ask a friend to go through the pictures and pick one out for you.

a Funeral

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When deciding on the flower arrangements you generally would want to pick somber, mourning colors. However, you can even decide to pick the deceased favorite flowers or even decide on a mix of the two. 

Having a funeral director has its advantages as you can verbally tell the director what you would like for the flower arrangements and then he or she will do the needful and find flowers that create the tone you want. 


You may also have to decide whether you want a funeral singer or not. If you do decide to have music, then deciding on what songs you want to sing is also important. When deciding this you can even consider looking into the deceased favorite songs as this can be a nice way to celebrate their life.


You will need to decide who will give the eulogy at the funeral. If you yourself are giving the eulogy, then taking the time to think about what you want to write is important.

Burial or cremation

If the deceased had specific wishes on what they wanted with regard to a cremation or burial, then it is important to honor those wishes. This then has to be decided on and voiced to the funeral director as then they can do the needful.

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