Top 3 Saxophone Songs that a Wedding Saxophonist Must Play

Saxophones are unique musical instruments that can add joy and excitement to an event. This is the reason that people want wedding saxophonists at their weddings. Some great songs they play on special occasions to make the day more memorable. Some of them are classics that are never going to get old. 

Saxophones have the power to captivate everybody present at a party. However, it will be challenging for you to pick the perfect song for the instrument. You may have to seek the help of the musician for this purpose. People must choose the one that blends well with the event. 

Some Mesmerising Wedding Saxophone Songs

    • Perfect-  This is one of the most famous songs by Ed Sheeran. The singer is a favourite among the young population. His songs will reach your heart, making them ideal for your wedding. ‘Perfect’ is exactly what the title suggests. It will make you dance with your partner and help you to cherish every moment.

About the Song:

The lyrics of ‘Perfect’ is not complicated and are beautiful. It is said that the song is about Sheeran’s girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. A brilliant ambience will be created if this song is played on a saxophone. It is about a couple dancing on the grass and having a lovely time. The words of the songs will make you appreciate your partner more. You will have a memorable moment with this saxophone song.  

  • A Thousand Years- It is one of the songs by Christina Perri in modern times that people can enjoy anytime they want. Among all other romantic pieces, this is a very easy choice for people who are getting married. The song is meaningful and filled with the essence of marriage and togetherness. Couples will feel closer to each other if it is played on a saxophone.

About the Song:

It is a simple love song and does not have complicated lyrics. The singer sings how she was waiting for love to happen to her. However, she has become apprehensive after the right person comes into her life. This scenario almost reflects the real situations that couples face after they get into a relationship. 

  • Somewhere over the rainbow- It is an all-time classic that will perfectly go with a wedding ceremony and is one of wedding saxophone player Dublin‘ favourites. The magical words of the song can conjure romance among the audience. Even seniors can relate to the song at the event. There can be no better choice if you want to engage individuals of all ages.

About the Song:

This song was composed by Harold Arlen. It speaks of being optimistic in a relationship. The most beautiful thing is that it speaks of a couple’s challenges in a marriage. It is a perfect song for people getting married and preparing for a future together. 


Saxophones are musical instruments that are known for changing the ambience of a gathering. In fact, they are increasingly used in weddings so that people can feel the magic of love and romance. There are several songs that wedding saxophonists use to make a wedding special. Most of them are classics and can move people of any age.

Some of the songs that these saxophonists play are ‘All of me’ and ‘Somewhere over the window’. Weddings are meant to be memorable in every possible way, and saxophones add to the excitement that newly-wed couples experience. 

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