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It is your big day and of course you want everything perfect. But no matter how much you spend on clothes, how much you spend time designing the venue or use your creative instincts on jewellery there are certain things that people often forget about and regret later on. The Colouful Ocean is in this business for quite some time. We have compiled a list of Do’s and don’ts for your D day so make sure you adhere to them strictly to fully enjoy the day and the photographs of your big Indian wedding.

  1. White sheet or ceiling on Mandap and day events

Plan to have a white sheer cloth hanging from the ceiling of the Mandap. White Mandap tops provide photographs that are softer, lovelier, and more naturally illuminated than any other surface. It is beautiful for weddings held during the day, and it is also quite useful for weddings held in the evening, particularly when photographers and filmmakers want to diffuse the light that is reflected from the ceiling.

  1. Ample time for portraits

The art of contemporary wedding photography encompasses all aspects of the wedding, including portraits, wedding details, and candid photographs. If you want some photographs done of yourself that are unique and stand out from the crowd, then you need to give yourself plenty of time to pose for the pictures. The Colouful Ocean needs some time to get a feel for the setting, the lighting, your mood, and how well you understand the directions before taking any pictures. After the fundamentals have been addressed and a first passable attempt has been made, there is room to improvise and add further levels of creative depth to the situation. The photographs require a large number of tries, over an hour of time, and a great deal of patience; nonetheless, the pair was committed to the process, and as a result, we were successful. If you can only offer your photographer 5–10 minutes before or after your events, then you can only anticipate basic portraits to be taken. Always keep in mind that creating unique portraits is a process that requires its own time in order to perfect the photo.

  1. Airy and well lit room for getting ready

If you intend to capture photos of yourself getting ready as well as wedding elements like jewellery, then the space in which you are getting ready should be clear of clutter, and there should not be too many individuals getting ready in the room at the same time. This will provide The Colouful Ocean with plenty of room to work with, and you’ll be able to take in the peaceful atmosphere of the morning or evening as you make your way down the aisle.

  1. Accommodation near venue

In an event, transportation to the location can be simply arranged using either our own cars or taxis. If, however, the site is distant then it is in your best interest to have the photography and filming team remain at the venue or in close proximity to it. This saves valuable hours that would have been spent travelling to the location.

  1. Get your toe ring measured

If you believe that you will have a ceremony during which toe rings for the bride will be placed on at some point during the wedding, then it is probably a good idea to disclose the toe ring sizes early on or to acquire the toe rings which stretch readily. This will prevent you the embarrassment of having your future husband or relatives try to push an ill-fitting toe ring onto you during those uncomfortable minutes.

  1. Plan family portrait first

The fact that members of the same family were unable to congregate at the same time at any point throughout the festivities and, as a result, there is no photograph of the entire group together is a complaint that is voiced at many weddings. This is quite upsetting since instances like these, in which one is able to bring together one’s immediate and extended families, are becoming increasingly uncommon in today’s society. At many weddings, the uncle or the brother is absent from the group photo since they are often out doing errands and do not have time to stop. Therefore, it is a humble request by The Colouful Ocean to kindly include the family photographs in your planned activities.

Winding up

The Colourful Ocean is here to cater your every need. World class photographers are committed to make your big day memorable. Call us now to book your event now.

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