Traits of a bad resume in 2022?


Your resume serves as your initial point of contact with a prospective employer. Before meeting you, recruiters and managers scan your resume to learn about your education, experience, and talents. A well-written, clear, and intelligently designed resume is an essential step in getting invited to an interview. In this post, we’ll look at the traits of a bad resume in 2022. Inevitable resume blunders might harm your chances of finding a job right away. Examine the errors on these terrible resume points to avoid making the same ones yourself. If you are looking for resume writing services in Delhi, first let’s look at the traits of a bad resume in 2022.

What is a bad resume?

A terrible resume fails to accurately and quickly show your educational and career experience. Unprofessional resumes are seen by recruiters and hiring managers and are associated with a lack of attention to detail. Ineffective resumes may have distracting aspects, or the text itself may be unduly wordy, ambiguous, or confusing. Furthermore, a poorly designed resume may exclude important information, like contact information or irrelevant material. It will help if you adapt your resume to the position you’re looking for, adjusting your list of accomplishments and talents to match the skills specified on the job offer.

Bad spelling

Correct spelling and punctuation demonstrate your attention to detail as a qualified applicant. Even if you highlight communication abilities on your resume, the resume is one of the first indicators of how effectively you organize, write, edit, and present professional information.

The following are examples of common grammatical errors to avoid:

  • Use of commas and periods incorrectly
  • Excessive or insufficient capitalization
  • Abbreviations that aren’t suitable


One of the simplest ways to have your resume rejected is to use poor spelling and language. Employers will think that if you submit a resume, you don’t care enough about the job to proofread it or even put it through a spell-checker.

Who would trust you to manage the demands of a full-time job if you can’t be bothered to spellcheck your resume?

To prevent a common resume blunder, go through your resume once or twice and perhaps have another unique look it over or look for professional resume writing services in Delhi.

Amateur graphic designer

Unnecessary and distracting visuals are a quick way to make your resume seem amateurish and (in some situations) odd. Even if you believe they look nice, flashy visuals detract from the aim of your resume, which is to communicate your abilities and achievements effectively. It includes include a photograph on your resume. Furthermore, visuals may be a significant issue when applying to organizations that employ software to automatically scan through job applications, sometimes known as an applicant tracking system (ATS).

If a company’s ATS program cannot handle the visuals on your resume, your application will most likely reject before it reaches a recruiting manager. Finally, keep images to a minimum to make your resume clean, professional, and simple to read. It is particularly true if you work in a more formal field, such as law or accountancy.

The Non-achiever

Its resume seems solid at first sight (especially compared to the last example). However, in the experience area of the resume, the individual merely mentions passive obligations rather than actual accomplishments. It is a perfect example of how not to discuss your credentials. Using generic language like “responsible for” or “tasked with” to describe your previous job without offering specifics about your successes or activities doesn’t convey your credentials. Instead, an excellent resume experience bullet point outlines the details of your experience. It highlights what you did in your former employment using a mix of concrete figures and action verbs.

Bad fonts

You might have the finest résumé in the world, but if the font is hurting the HR manager’s eyes, chances are they won’t contact you back anytime soon. Similarly, if you choose a dull typeface that blends in with the backdrop, they could forget about your resume by the end of the day. It is the most important factor while writing your resume. If you don’t know exactly how to write, you can hire resume writing services in Delhi like us.

Most HR managers don’t spend much time examining your resume. The resume layout is the first thing they glance at, followed by the contents. Unprofessional and difficult-to-read typefaces will turn off any hiring manager. Furthermore, stylistic typefaces are complex for application software to process, increasing the likelihood that your resume will get rejected.

The gamer

The video game business e three times the expected size of the worldwide commercial box office. There is a societal stigma linked to anybody who openly confesses to a gaming ‘habit,’ It is crucial to be mindful of It while deciding to include games on your resume. While it is OK to put interests on your resume, a terrible resume goes too far if they’re related to the position and don’t have any professional experience. Unless you’re searching for a job in e-sports, your gaming accomplishments are unrelated to your professional skills and should keep off your resume.

Fill up your resume’s skills and experience sections exclusively with information relevant to the job you’re looking for. Anecdotes about your hobbies or personal interests are, at best, a waste of space and, at worst, unprofessional.

The autobiography

Hiring managers don’t have much time to go over each resume. Making your resume two pages or more and mentioning every job you’ve ever had can confuse busy hiring managers. As a consequence, your most necessary credentials should not take into account. Not only that, but if you have a few years of professional experience, a lengthy résumé comes out as arrogant. Especially HR managers in India consider this point very strictly. So, whenever you are about to put an autobiography kind of stuff in your resume, you should follow formats of resume writing India formats.

High motivation

No one wants to force to micromanage their teams. They want people who can inspire themselves to complete tasks. It is especially true in today’s environment, with many employments providing remote or hybrid working options that need more self-motivation and time management than conventional positions. Your resume may represent your self-motivation in various ways, such as times you’ve surmounted hurdles, extracurricular activities you’ve maintained for many years, or additional duties.

Hiring managers see terms like these on resumes, and they’re a dead giveaway. While these sentences seem impressive, they convey virtually little about the candidate’s expertise and talents. Worse, many employers believe they come off as arrogant.

Not correct formatting

There are three resume templates to choose from:

Reverse-Chronological: A typical résumé that emphasizes job experience. In The approach, you begin with your most recent events and work your way backward.

Functional: One is more concerned with your skillset than your job experience. It’s ideal for fresh grads or career changers with little job experience to mention on their résumé.

Combination: A hybrid of the previous two types, with equal weighting placed on job experience and talents.

While there’s nothing wrong with using a functional or combo resume, the most common reverse-chronological structure, in most circumstances, is also the best option. In the end, recruiters all over the globe are acquainted with it and are more likely to identify it. If you choose a different resume structure (for example, functional), the hiring manager may suspect you’re attempting to conceal something by not emphasizing your job history. It’s necessary to follow resume writing India formats before you proceed with writing an outline for you.


The employment market is sizzling right now, and there are plenty of intriguing prospects for recent graduates and young professionals. Furthermore, with so many organizations hunting for talent, compensation, benefits, and perks are more incredible than ever, making it the ideal moment to advance in your career. So, if you want to take advantage of the rising employment market, make sure your resume includes the pointers listed above.

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