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Machines are thought to be the best creations of humans. Since they work tirelessly, don’t complain, and work 24×7. However, the important fact is always forgotten that machines can wear and tear and require continuous maintenance. The same goes for automobiles; Auto Collision Repair is equally important as it will improve the vehicle’s life and the vehicle’s performance will be enhanced.  

Now it is highly important to understand the car maintenance services you should get and when. Let us proceed to learn more about the auto service:

Are there different types of Auto Services in Toronto available? 

The auto service provided by the auto repair shops highly depends on the factors – what type of vehicle do you have? How much have you driven the vehicle? When did you last take your vehicle for service? The service’s main purpose is to ensure that your vehicle’s critical components operate safely. 

Even the manufacturers keep a maintenance schedule in the vehicle to let you know when the vehicle needs service and that too which type and when. Or simply book an appointment at your neighboring Auto Service provider. 

What are interim, full, and major auto services?

It is not necessary that all auto repair shops offer interim, full, and major car repair services. Knowing the difference between the three services helps you decide the service your car demands. This is based on the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule (MSMS).

Interim car service intervals

The interim service is generally required when your vehicles have achieved 6,000 miles or after every six months between full services. The service provides:

  • Filter replacement
  • Serpentine belt inspection
  • Wiper blade inspection
  • Tire pressure checks

Full car service intervals

It is advised to take your car for a full service once a year or every 12,000 miles. The full service has all the inspections made during an interim service; in addition, other several components need regular checking: 

  • Engine air filter
  • Cabin air filter
  • Coolant
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brake pads

Apart from that, there are 50 more checks done on the vehicle to ensure everything is working properly.

Major car service intervals

These services are kept restrained as these items do not require service often as other parts need. Major car services include all the services conducted during the interim and full-service, includes

    • Exchanging the brake fluid
    • Replacing the spark plug
    • Transmission fluid inspection (if applicable)
    • Timing belt replacement (based on MSMS)
    • Testing the battery’s working
    • Tire Change in Toronto

Types of car maintenance services

Oil and filter change

Based on the MSMS of your vehicle, you should have to change the oil at intervals between about 3,000-12,000 miles. When you reach a service station, the technician makes a courtesy check and replaces the engine’s oil and oil filter.

Tire rotation

Rotating tires spreads any wear and tear among all the tires evenly, helps maximize the tread life and keep the traction consistent among all the tire’s contact patches. The main aim of tire rotation service is to remove the tires from their current position and shift these to another place. The tread direction and the vehicle’s drivetrain decide the placement of your tire.


Every service provider is different, and so do their service packages. To know exactly which service your vehicle requires, consult any service provider. Even many auto service providers deal in second-hand cars. If you or any of your acquaintances need such cars, visit their store to buy used cars in Toronto. By doing this, the service providers are killing two birds with one stone. 

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