A Guide to Best New Tyres From Goodyear Tyres

To begin with, tyre replacement is the toughest job ever, especially for freshers. However, brand selection is the most confusing thing for most users. Because different reviews state different brands as the best. Even after selecting a particular and so-called top brand, our pockets will say no, am I wrong? Hence, in this guide, we bring a top yet affordable brand that promises quality product delivery to every passenger car user. We say Goodyear tyres Peterborough are the best in the market, especially for passenger car users. Here in this blog, we will discuss why this brand is worth a shot and also discuss the best newcomers with their specifications.

Why Goodyear Tyres?

Best Material

The brand only uses certified natural raw material in the making. Also, the brand imports the finest materials and goods from every corner of the world to ensure the best tyre delivery. After all, the house of Goodyear creates its own formula with the help of the world’s best scientists who works in the labs of the Goodyear warehouse.

The rubber material produced by the Goodyear tyres is very rich in natural rubber content and it promotes excellent traction over any surface. Also, this specially engineered compound is a combination of excellent silicon configuration and hence promotes superior flexibility and low wear and tear. Hence, this material is puncture free and also durable. This is why the company promises the long life of every tyre ever produced.

Exceptional Design

The design process is specially taken control by excellent workers in the world to enhance better grip over any surface. However, the company is very famous for its designs. Also, the design structure and configuration decide how efficiently the Tyres Peterborough will ride over the roads, especially the wet and slippery ones.

Goodyear tyres include their very famous siping technology in the tyre making that enhances better evacuation of water or slush to let the tyre slide over the wet roads. Also, the grooves network will effectively increase the road feedback and enhance grip. 

Best New Tyres from Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6


  • This performance tyre from the house of Goodyear is the advanced version of the very famous Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5. However, this tyre can promote exceptional wet traction and thereby promotes proficient handling on the wet.
  •  Foundationally, the material uses in tyre enables prolific wet grip. Also, this specially engineered compound elevates low wear and tear.
  • Also, the high traction of this tyre aids in proficient aquaplaning resistance and very good short braking distance on dry roads
  •  Another green flag of this tyre is its asymmetric design that includes exceptional treading that promotes excellent handling on dry roads. Also, the siping network included in the design fosters better water elimination and thereby promotes superior wet grip.
  • After all, this model can efficiently provide outstanding wet and dry braking. Also, this tyre is a pro in edge cornering over any terrain.


  • This summer performance tyre is only available in 44 sizes.
  • Also, this tyre is not so good in mileage management.

Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 2


  • This summer model is an upgrade to the best-selling Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyre. However, this latest version also promotes exceptional wet grip just like the previous version.
  • However, this performance tyre is also a pro in mileage management. Also, the innovative tread compound of this tyre enables superior handling on dry roads as well as wet surfaces evenly.
  • The flexible rubber compound used in this tyre elevates excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. Hence, these tyres have exceptional wet braking. Also, these tyres are proficient in promoting excellent cornering over any edgy or slippery roads.
  • Also, the low-noise emission technology from the house of Goodyear fosters very low drive-by low noise and thereby provides very comfortable and quiet rides over any terrain.


  •  The major disadvantage of these tyres is that they facilitate very low aquaplaning resistance.
  •  Also, these tyres are not so good at providing short braking distance on dry roads.
  • After all, this premium summer model from Goodyear tyre is only available in a total of 47 sizes.


These two latest models from the brand are already on the top of every performance and passenger tyres Peterborough list. We assure you that these tyres are worth buying and give ultimate comfort and performance on any terrain. Also, these tyres are almost 20% less expensive than Michelin or Continental, or any other premium tyre alternatives. So, hurry up!

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