Unique Destinations For Weekend Getaways From Delhi


Escape from the hustle-bustle and Chaos free life of Delhi is the bona fide right of every individual. The weekly targets and statistical presentations, client visits that definitely break you in mind, if not physically. In such cases, the best that we all can do to ourselves is head for a short trip with our friends and family; away from all the hassle and bustle of daily life. Now, this seems to be quite a stressful and never-successful plan as either we can’t take days off from the hectic work or we keep pondering on some not-too-crowded destination. On the first one, we can certainly not help you, but have made a list of lesser-known weekend getaways for now near Delhi. 


Below are 6 best places that you can visit for a unique weekend getaway with your family and friends from Delhi:-

1.Neemrana (129 km)

Once a very quiet village that was unheard and unknown to many people, Manesar today is a business hub that has grown immensely in the past three decades. This place is known for its classic and rustic charm, comparative calm, and also its luxurious life and fun resorts. Irrespective of Manesar being a whole class business hub, the areas in and around it are tranquil and scenic, which is why it is a very popular escape for the people of Delhi.


  • How to Reach: Manesar can be easily reached from Delhi by road in about 1.5 hours via NH 48.


  • Best Time to Visit: November to February, as excursions here, would be very uncomfortable in the scorching summer months.


  • Expenditure: 3K to 5K per person


  1. Sariska Tiger Reserve (195 km)


This beautiful city in Haryana is a popular tour place taken away by the Delhiites for a tourist retreat nearby. The place is well known for its serene lakes, hot springs, and fort places that are located around. Those who want to ideally sit with their loved ones while chilling and unwinding amid natural beauty can turn to Damdama Lake or the Sohna Lake.


  • How to Reach: The total road distance from Delhi to Sohna can be travelled in around 2 hours via the Gurgaon-Alwar Highway.


  • Best Time to Visit: The months of September to February


  • Expenditure: 2K to 4K per person


  1. Mandawa (232 km)


A peaceful and historical town located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Neemrana is immensely popular among heritage lovers for its 15th-century splendid Neemrana Fort Palace which has been turned into a luxurious hotel.


  • How to Reach: Being on Delhi to Jaipur Highway (NH 8), it is easily accessible in almost 2 hours 30 minutes drive from Delhi.


  • Best Time to Visit: Winter months are the ideal time to visit Neemrana; however since it is quite green all over, people who are looking for some quick moments of love can rush here any time of the year.


  • Expenditure: 3K to 5K per person


  1. Lansdowne (260 km)


Not very far away from Delhi, this destination is the perfect choice for those who want to seek a quick spiritual, historical and scenic getaway. Mathura is a kind of synonym of the Land of Lord Krishna himself and it is known for its vibrant locales, ancient and spectacular temples, and positive aura all around.


  • How to Reach: Reaching Mathura from Delhi takes you around 3-4 hours. Travel by the AH1 or the Yamuna Expressway.


  • Best Time to Visit: October to March is the best time, as the weather is quite pleasant; try to witness a glimpse of Mathura especially during the Holi festival for a unique experience!


  • Expenditure: 4K to 5K per person


  1. Parwanoo (265 km)


This home is to the predator in the Aravalli Hills, Sariska Tiger Reserve delights and amazes visitors with its rocky landscapes, dry deciduous forests and of course, rich flora and fauna. Apart from the Royal Bengal tigers, this approximately 866 square km area is also home to leopards, chinkara, Indian jackal, langurs and sambar deer.


  • How to Reach: Sariska is only about 37 km away from Alwar Railway Station, which has a regular train system plying from Delhi. However, as it is a well-connected route via NH 8, we suggest hiring a cab or taxi for a hassle-free and comparatively easy 5 hours journey.


  • Best Time to Visit: Though Sariska Tiger Reserve remains open only from 1st October to 30th June, it is highly advisable to come here between October and March to avoid the scorching heat.


  • Expenditure: 4K to 5K per person (including all the safari charges)


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