What Athletic Shoes Do You Need?

If you are on the lookout for new athletic shoes, it is recommended that you find the appropriate sports footwear for whatever activity you plan on doing. By doing so you minimize the risk of sports-related injuries, and you feel more comfortable while doing active activities and exercises. To find out about the different kinds of athletic shoes continue reading below.

Running shoes

There are three categories of running shoes and they are as follows:

Cushioned Shoes

Running shoes with cushions are made for people with inflexible, high-heart feet. It is made out of EVE, which is a soft form substance that is typically used in the arc in heel areas of cushion running shoes. This is a synthetic substance that can easily be molded to match the shape of the feet. When you are buying running shoes it is recommended that you ask the professional advice of the salesperson to find out whether you need to have cushion running shoes or the other types.

Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are recommended for those people who need to be stable while running since these shoes offer little to moderate stability. Flat-footed runners need stability shoes to avoid collapsing. If you are not flat-footed, this shoe is not recommended for you because you might feel it is heavier as compared to cushion shoes. Flat-footed people needed more stability hence their shoes have additional components to be heavier.

Motion Control

People that are flat-footed and weigh more than average are recommended to purchase running shoes with motion control since this style offers the most stability. For optimal control, the additional stabilizer may also be fitted on a motion-control shoe. This is necessary to provide more stability.

Athletic Shoes

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Minimalist shoes

Since more people have turned to barefoot running, companies have designed minimalist shoes or running bare shoes. They resemble running barefoot but still provide the necessary protection for our feet. A minimalist shoe as it is called has less padding and a smaller heel-to-toe drop. 

Cross trainers

Cross trainers, on the other hand, are called such because these shoes are flexible and can be worn from one sport to another. But if you are looking for athletic shoes to use for running for more than 4 to 5 miles a day then you should consider buying running shoes instead of cross trainers. This is because some materials that are used to create cross trainers could not be comfortable to use or challenging to wear when you are running for numerous miles.

Trailer shoes

For runners who want to run off-road, trailer shoes are recommended since they are designed and made for this purpose. They provide more stability as compared to the typical running shoe and have a deeper tread pattern at the soles for better traction.

When you shop for athletic shoes, try to shop at a store that sells specialized shoes specific to your sports. If you play basketball, buy basketball shoes. If there are no shoes specific to your sports, do your research about which athletic shoes are more suitable.

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