What is an Electrical Harness Design Course?

The wiring harness design course will introduce you to the essential concepts of CATIA V5. You will learn about the different design parts and assemblies and create simple drawings. Once familiar with the elements, you will be introduced to the electrical library products. You will also learn everything about the electrical harness for automated assembly. You would learn how to map the functional specifications of the harness system to a digital mock-up created in the software while creating the harness documentation.

The experts will teach you how to use the electrical 3D design part and assembly workbench with a complete focus on the consumer goods industry. You will also learn how to create the electrical assembly multi branches and create drawings of the electrical harness assembly. The course will teach you how to develop an electrical components catalogue. You would also learn how to design the harness, create the bundle segment and connect them to different electrical elements. You will learn about managing the branch points protection in links and performing the knowledge tracks. The course will teach you how to use the electrical harness.

CATIA V5 Electrical Design

The electrical Harness Design course will help you learn everything about CATIA V5 electrical products, which provide tools essential to manage the electrical behaviour of the elements and the integration in a 3D digital mockup.

A bidirectional interface between the CAD systems and CATIA V5 provides mechanical parts and assemblies with electrical behaviour to define the electrical devices and also mentions the definition of the electrical wire in the digital mockup. The relationship can be set between 2D logical designs in 3D digital mock-ups to ensure perfect consistency of the systematic physical representation.

Electrical Theory Design and Documentation

You can get machinery and consumer goods industry in the dedicated toolset for designing and consuming electrical systems.

Electrical Harness Flattening

You can achieve flattening of electrical harness for extensive drafting production, which is all about manufacturing documentation.

Electrical Wiring Routing

You can generate and manage electrical violence within the digital mock-up as per the functioning specification.

 Electrical Harness Installation

You will be provided powerful tools to design physical harnesses in the context of the treaty digital mockup.


  • High configuration desktop laptop with AutoCAD electrical software license pre-installed is a must.
  • You must have an excellent bandwidth Internet connection.
  • It would be best if you had headphones.
  • It would be best if you made essential notes for future reference.
  • You must have a fundamental knowledge of different subjects, including electrical engineering, and must be able to read electrical drawings.


Anybody who can join this course includes undergraduate students in electrical or electronics. Even fresh electrical engineers can join the course. Whether you are a designer design engineer or an electrical engineer who needs complete knowledge of the features available in the AutoCAD Electrical software can join this course.

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