What Is the Best Milk Brand in India

In India, there are numerous milk brands to choose from. We are concerned about the ingredients as well as other factors such as taste, cost, and availability when it comes to milk.

Brands compete fiercely to provide the best milk quality to their customers.

We cannot, however, claim that all brands provide the same level of milk quality. How do you know which brand is the best when there are so many to choose from? Or, which has more flavour at a lower cost?

So, what are the best dairy and dairy-free milk brands in India? We’ve listed our top picks to help you make a decision. But first, consider an intriguing, if not bizarre, milk fact.

Did you know?

Over 75% of the population is lactose intolerant? Many people are mildly intolerant without being aware of it.

India’s Top Milk Brands

  1. Milk from Amul

Amul Milk, India’s leading milk brand, has a wide range of products. Tribhuvandas Patel founded the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) society brand. Amul products are dairy-based, and they have a diverse product line. Amul is the Best Milk Brand in India that sell milk in several varieties, including fresh milk, flavoured milk, and skimmed milk. Their butter is made from cow’s milk, and their cheese is also made from cow’s milk. Their ghee is made from cow’s milk as well.

  1. The Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is one of India’s best cow milk brands. The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), a state-owned enterprise, manufactures and markets the product. It was part of Operation Flood, the world’s largest dairy development programme, which aimed to make India a milk-sufficient nation. This brand has given rise to a variety of dairy products such as lassi, curd, paneer, butter, and packed chaos for the people of this region.

  1. Nestle

Nestle India is a nutrition, health, and wellness company that produces nutrient-dense products. It provides a variety of food and beverage products for all stages of life. Nestle is now the only multinational corporation that has gained access to India’s dairy industry. In addition, Nestle established its dairy and nutrition unit in 2011. This unit cost the company approximately 339.35 crores to establish. After entering the Indian dairy industry, Nestle decided to focus on dairy development. As a result, it introduced a variety of milk products in India, such as milk powder, milk, pureed milk, and so on.

  1. Ananda

Ananda is one of the most trusted milk brands in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, and it has become a member of many families’ families. Not only milk, Anada has the best paneer that is available out there in the market. To reap the benefits of the “Second White Revolution,” the foundation has implemented a variety of measures, including paying attractive procurement prices to milk producers and investing in dairy infrastructure from primary to state-level federation. Ananda was founded a few years ago, marking the beginning of their journey. The product variety is so vast that it appeals to people of all ages and genders. Ananda’s products are available in all grocery stores, whether you live in the city or in the country.

  1. Dudhsagar Dairy

Dudhsagar is a dairy company in India owned by the Government of India and the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). Dudhsagar is India’s largest milk-producing state, with milk production of 1.45 million tonnes in FY 2015-16, accounting for more than 17% of total milk production in the country. Dudhsagar Dairy was founded in 1963 by combining district milk unions from Kaira, Mehsana, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, and Baroda.

  1. Schreiber Dynamix Dairies

The great taste of Schreiber Dynamix Dairies’ flavours is due to the high-quality ingredients used to create our products. The livestock is fed, cared for, and bred in the best conditions and environment possible. They work directly with farmers to ensure that fresh, high-quality milk is always available to our customers and consumers. The brand is well-known for its ultra-high temperature packaged milk, cream, and butter products, which are delivered on the same day of manufacture to ensure the availability of the freshest products on the market.

  1. Kwality

Quality has grown into a dominant market player with a strong brand, a large milk distribution network, and Asia’s largest integrated unified dairy with a world-class state-of-the-art plant in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh (Muzaffarnagar). It also caters to health-conscious consumers’ needs by introducing a wholesome frozen dessert line made with low-fat, natural fruits and fortified ice creams. The company has distinguished itself superbly by employing innovative techniques to produce various flavours of ice cream.

A2 cow milk

You’ve probably heard of A2 milk. It is a novel method of obtaining pure and fresh cow milk. But do you know what distinguishes it from regular milk? In India, all A2 milk brands promise pure and unadulterated milk, but what are the advantages of drinking it every morning? A2 milk is preferred primarily for its nutritional value. Because it lacks A1 protein, consuming it means receiving all of the health benefits of cow’s milk. Cows normally produce both but in different proportions, whereas nowadays the ratio is typically 80:20 A1 to A2. According to the story, a mutation in the gene that controls casein production resulted in a protein that causes digestive problems in some people.

Why A2 Cow Milk?

This milk is not only 100% real and pure, but it is also high in nutrition. What else? A2 cow’s milk is ‘direct from farm to door,’ ensuring freshness and hygiene. The A2 cows receive plenty of nutritious food and medical attention, resulting in the best cow milk in India.

A1 milk is produced by the majority of cows, while A2 milk is produced by cows that only produce the A2 beta-casein protein. A1 milk has been linked to autism in children and has been linked to gastrointestinal distress in some people.

Even though A2 milk is easier to digest than regular cow’s milk, it is possible to be allergic to it. A1 proteins aren’t the only ones found in cow’s milk. It is important to note, however, that A2 milk still contains whey and casein proteins. If someone who is allergic to dairy drinks A1 milk, their body will react with an allergic reaction. Any food containing dairy proteins has the potential to cause similar reactions.


You’ve reached the end of this post. We went over milk in great detail. You may believe that all milk comes from cows, but this is not the case. Some milk is produced by buffaloes, camels, or goats. You should be aware of the type of milk you are using. Each variety has a distinct flavor, and it can be difficult to determine which type of milk you are drinking. If you want to buy the best quality milk in India, you should first ask for the name of the producer and then look for the best variant for yourself. Only then will you be able to fully reap its benefits.

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