What is The Dua For lost Item?

Your heart sinks… you actually take a look at both your front and back pocket and don’t feel the piece of your telephone or wallet.

You have four choices, what do you do?

A) Frenzy
B) Begin crying
C) Blow up and naturally accept somebody probably took it
D) Take a full breath, refocus your feelings and backtrack your means. Then, you make sure to recount a dua you saw on a site called MyIslam.org.

The response is D as I’m certain you speculated, yet the normal responses a large portion of us have are A, B, and C.

Our brains are naturally wired to accept the more terrible case situation to safeguard our being. It’s the self-conservation component we have implicit us. Unfortunately for some the psyche normally leaps to the more regrettable conceivable thing.

We can intrinsically comprehend how this doesn’t assist with curing what is going on yet when misfortune strikes we will quite often respond in a similar way like clockwork.

Understand the following time you lose something to take a fast breather and have an inward hopeful discourse as it will without a doubt draw you nearer towards tracking down an answer. Acting with outrageous feeling in anything frequently exacerbates the situation.

Allah (SWT) has said, “And show restraint. Definitely, Allah is with the people who are the patient” (Surah Al-Anfal – Ayat 46)

So once more, resist the urge to panic. Take a full breath. Try not to rush to make judgment calls.

Now that you finished that step, here’s a dua you can recount to request that Allah assist you with tracking down the missing item.

A Dua to discuss to track down lost thing.

Literal interpretation: Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

Interpretation: We for sure have a place with ALLAH, and we for sure toward Him are returning.

You’ve probably heard this Dua before however likely in an alternate setting. This is generally discussed by Muslims when an individual encounters a misfortune throughout everyday life, generally regularly heard upon news that an individual has past away. The expression additionally applies in circumstances that imply hazard of any kind.

Does this truly work?

This forum client claims, “it works everytime” I would contend that it doesn’t work without fail, however it is essential to recall Allah in circumstances such as these.

There is a hadith that says Allah is “close to the prospect of my worker as he ponders me, and I’m with him as he recalls that me. What’s more, assuming he recollects that me in his heart, I additionally recall him in my heart” (Sahih Muslim #2675)

Here is another dua you can recount that might be useful to track down the missing item.

Instructions to Manage THE Misfortune

There is no assurance that Allah will allow us what we need. This is where the forum client was off-base. By the day’s end Allah alone realizes what is best for us and we want to accept that He will give us the best.

This might be a test to rehearse our understanding, to perceive how we answer. Do we lose trust in Allah since we lost some article that he had given us?

In some cases we may not figure out the genuine effect of the circumstance. It very well may be a surprisingly good development, a way for Allah to safeguard us from what we don’t have the foggiest idea.

The most effective way I have actually had the option to manage misfortunes is to appreciate material comforts as they’re there, yet don’t miss them on the off chance that they are no more.

To treat the things you don’t have as nonexistent.

The truth is the point at which you believe you have lost something it’s your decision the way that you need to respond, feeling a specific way your decision.

The explanation we feel hurt or agony is on the grounds that we have connected significance to these items and when it’s gone we believe we lost a piece of what makes us, us.

Ponder that… Assuming that you dropped a penny on the floor how much rest could you lose once you understood it was no more? My conjecture would be not much.

The explanation you rest pretty knowing about the misfortune is basically on the grounds that the penny has no genuine importance or significance to you. You don’t feel like you have lost something and since you have no close to home connection you don’t actually mull over it.

This is more earnestly to do when it’s an iPhone or even a $20 greenback. However, recall that you’re strong, you gain to influence the account and that is opportunity.

For some recalling that this life on earth is brief makes a difference. Muslims comprehend the primary objective is Jannah which can assist manage adapting.

“Assuming Allah knows [any] great in your souls, He will give you [something] better than whatever was taken from you, and He will forgive you; and Allah is Forgiving and Tolerant.” Surah Anfal stanza 70

Another extraordinary strategy is to separate the item of want rigorously in the materials used to make it. After all what is an iPhone however a gadget that was figured out utilizing metal, plastic, and glass bound together by certain screws. This can serve to reconsider your longing for the item and prevent you from over glamorizing it.

Attempt this, get a piece a paper and record the parts that make up what you lost. You’ll perceive the way senseless it truly is to blow up more than few metal pieces.


We should invert the jobs and say you are the locater of the missing item. You might have found a Samsung Brilliant television on the walkway or all the more practically cash on the ground. What does Islam say you ought to do?

The first is to never attempt to cover or conceal the item found. You might believe you’re getting it free of charge yet you’ll wind up paying for it.

Described Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet (pubh) said: He who conceals a wanderer camel will pay a fine, and a like pay with it. Sunan Abi Dawud 1718 Sahih (Al-Albani)

Then, you should give your very best for guarantee it thinks that it is’ legitimate owner.

Described Ubai container Ka’b: I found a handbag containing 100 Burger joints. So I went to the Prophet (and informed him about it), he said, “Unveil declaration about it for one year” I did as such, however no one went up to guarantee it, so I again went to the Prophet who said, “Disclose declaration for one more year.”

I did, yet none went up to guarantee it. I went to him for the third time and he said, “Keep the holder and the string which is utilized for its tying and count the cash it contains and in the event that its proprietor comes, give it to him; in any case, use it.” The sub-storyteller Salama said, “I met him (Suwaid, another sub-storyteller) in Mecca and he said, ‘I don’t know whether Ubai made the declaration for three years or only one year.’ ” (Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 42, Number 608)

The locater shouldn’t accept the item except if he is sure that he can be relied upon to keep it. He should have the option to make the vital declarations until he views as the proprietor. Whoever doesn’t feel that he can believe himself to do ought to give liability to somebody who will.

In the present virtual entertainment world creating declarations can be more straightforward than in Prophet Muhammad’s time, harmony and gift upon him. You can join Facebook bunches for your city or state and declare that you tracked down this item. On the off chance that found in Masjid or public spot you can leave it with staff and permit them to make the fundamental declaration.


Recollect the following time you lose something to remain even headed and don’t get close to home.
Take a full breath and discuss the Dua for lost item. Allah recollects the individuals who recall him.

On the off chance that after some time you can’t find the item, have some time off and attempt once more at a later time. Assuming all trust appears to be lost, recall this world is transitory and not to be to put resources into material items. Allah might be trying your understanding or shielding you from that you don’t have any idea.

To manage misfortune it assists with separating the item to the materials that make it up. This permits us to quit glamorizing the item and to perceive the truth about it. Frequently metal, glass, and plastic.

Before you leave, if it’s not too much trouble, look at post we put on with respect to the 99 Names of Allah We composed a broad aide making sense of each name in subtleties.

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