Why KTM Bikes Counted As a High Performance Bikes ?

KTM is an Austrian brand that manufactures track-ready and track-only motorcycles. Furthermore, KTM bike engines are known for their insane redlines and power + torque outputs. The acronym KTM stands for Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen.

The company entered India back in 2012 with a single product which was the KTM Duke 200. The 200 CC Duke was the first of many awe-inspiring bikes from the brand. Within a few years, the Austrian brand became a household name in India.


Well, there are many reasons why KTM is so popular in India. The primary reason is that all KTM bikes are tuned to perfection thus making them true performance machines on two wheels!

Other reasons why people prefer buying KTM motorcycles are enunciated in the sections below – 

KTM bikes look bold and sharp

All KTM motorcycles entail sharp lines and bold design language. When KTM entered India, the bike industry here was already saturated. But none of the motorcycles had the outlandish looks of the 200 CC Duke. It meant that the bike was an instant hit. KTM also single-handedly compelled other bike manufacturers in India to rethink the design language of their brands.

KTM has a bike for everyone

Currently, KTM offers three categories of motorcycles in India.

They are –

  • The naked streetfighter range is marketed as the Duke range.
  • The semi-faired, aerodynamic, track-ready compact sports bike range is marketed as the RC range.
  • The semi-naked all-terrain bike range is marketed as the Adventure range.

Motorcycles available from KTM come equipped with 125 CC, 200 CC, 250 CC and 390 CC engines. It means that the brand has a motorcycle for everyone, irrespective of the latter’s economic background.

All KTM motorcycles would entail unique performance-oriented features

KTM introduced the youth of India with bikes entailing advanced features from the factory.

To put things into perspective, all KTM bikes are built using the fables Trellis sub-frame. According to the brand, using Trellis sub-frames make KTM motorcycles easy to repair.

The next example is the parts that the brand uses on its bikes. All KTM motorcycles are equipped with track-tested suspensions from WP APEX. The premium bikes from KTM come equipped with brake callipers manufactured by ByBre.

Furthermore, premium KTM motorcycles like the RC 390 get a slipper clutch, QuickShifter+ as well as lean-sensitive ABS. The extremely popular SuperMoto mode is also available in KTM premium motorcycles.

Note – 

  • A slipper clutch allows a rider to shift to a low gear when the speed of the bike is high. One can do that without worrying about locking the rear wheel.
  • The QuickShifter+ is a KTM-patented technology that allows riders to change gears without engaging the clutch. This is extremely helpful when the bike is being ridden competitively.
  • The SuperMoto mode is the name of the technology that allows the rider to switch off the rear ABS sensor of the bike. When engaged, the SuperMoto mode allows KTM riders to enter corners while drifting their bike.

KTM motorcycles come with engines that entail high compression ratio

Unlike mass-market motorcycles, KTM motorcycles come with high compression ratios. It means that KTM engines can produce more power + torque even with their small displacements. The reason is simple; KTM engines efficiently burn fuel and transfer the power + torque to the rear wheel. 

KTM bikes come with a high power-to-weight ratio

KTM, unlike other motorcycle brands, test their bikes as if they are meant for motorcycle races before launching them officially. Unlike other bikes from other brands, KTM motorcycles are ‘Ready-To-Race. Every KTM bike has a lightweight body and an engine with the highest possible engine mapping. In the world of automobile engineering, a car or a bike is only categorized as performance machines when they entail a high power-to-weight ratio. 

KTM is riding on a tidal wave of success and there’s no stopping this Austrian brand. Words can only do so much. Hence, to learn more, one should take some time out and test-ride a KTM today to feel the thrill of the brand’s bikes!

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