Why Lifeguarding and swimming in the pool is beneficial

The benefits and harms of Lifeguard recertification near me and swimming have been studied for a long time, and this is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable types of sports activities for people, regardless of gender and age. Including swimming in complex treatment helps to speed up the rehabilitation processes after injuries.

Why Lifeguard and swimming is beneficial for men and women

Both men and women benefit from pool swimming; water has a positive effect on the functions of systems and organs:

heart muscle, to improve the functioning of the vascular system;

  • brain;
  • digestive system;
  • respiratory function (pulmonary circulation improves).

Orthopedists, surgeons, traumatologists and other narrow specialists practice recording exercises in water for therapeutic purposes. The health benefits of swimming are valued by conservative medicine.

A visit to the pool is assigned:

  • patients with disabilities – physical and mental disabilities;
  • babies: the benefits of swimming for babies with birth injuries are priceless;
  • people diagnosed with cerebral palsy, rickets, anemia;
  • with autism;
  • patients with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Swimming pros for women:

  • body shaping, weight control;
  • skin tone, getting rid of the “orange peel” on the thighs and buttocks;
  • restoration of sleep, elimination of psycho-emotional discomfort;
  • burn calories and lose weight fast;
  • strengthening the protective functions of the body;
  • preventing the development of varicose veins;
  • strengthens the muscle corset.

The benefits for women of swimming in the pool are noticeable when they visit the complex at least twice a week, while it is recommended to change styles and exercises.

In addition to external changes, there is an advantage to the male body in its ability to:

  • improve the health of the myocardium and blood vessels;
  • avoid an increased risk of injury;
  • strengthen the skeleton;
  • give flexibility to the body, correct posture;
  • increase self-esteem, clear the nervous system;
  • increase concentration, relieve stress;
  • tighten the torso and arms, give them a beautiful relief;
  • improve men’s health.

The benefits of swimming for men in the pool appear after a short time, subject to regular visits (at least 2 times in 7 days). Important! To engage all muscle groups, the exercises do not have to be uniform. Swimming on the back is useful for men, as it strengthens the muscles of the back and hips. Strong shoulders give masculinity and attractiveness. It is convenient for sports, and swimming practically eliminates damage.

Develops muscles

Vigorous activity contributes to muscle development. With the correct execution of the techniques, the load is distributed evenly. For a positive result, it is not necessary to visit the pool every day, but if you do this more than 2 times a week, there is no harm.

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Relaxes the muscles of the spine

After injuries and with a tendency to scoliosis, osteochondrosis, doctors recommend swimming in the pool. Water relieves the spine, stretches it, eliminates asymmetry.

Improves flexibility

Water is the best medium for the development of plasticity. Without increasing the load on the joints, you can increase physical activity, get rid of stiffness.

Strengthens bones

It has been scientifically proven that swimming makes bones strong. It is especially beneficial to exercise in outdoor pools with access to sunlight (vitamin D). The benefits of swimming for the child’s body development, skeletal formation and muscle tone are priceless.

Improves breathing and relieves asthma symptoms

During the exercise, muscles are trained to promote proper breathing. An increase in the vital capacity of the lungs during swimming due to the ability to breathe correctly has a positive effect on the course of bronchial asthma.

Strengthens the heart

Staying in a horizontal position puts less stress on the muscle. Correct breathing and work of muscle tissue contribute to proper nutrition of the organ, strengthening of the vascular walls. There are several times fewer people with hypertension among those who go swimming.

Improves brain function and relieves stress

Water irritates the complex of receptors, strengthens the nervous system. Systematic trips to the pool relieve irritability, relieve stress.

Prevention of joint diseases

The state of hydrostatic weightlessness relieves the musculoskeletal system, increasing motor activity. This way the epiphyseal cartilage is better preserved and the health of the joints improves.

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