Why Online Document Signing is Becoming a Necessity for the Business World?

The world is shifting to a sustainable, paperless environment, thereby, it makes more sense to opt for a digital signing solution to ensure authentication and convenience. Businesses of all sectors handle a lot of paperwork and sharing of documents daily, wherein digital signing comes to your aid.

Recent P&S Market Research reveals that there is increased usage of digital signatures to reduce deception, growing government focus on eradicating paperless work coupled with online document signing for end-use industries across the globe.

What is a digital signature?

As the name describes, it is a type of electronic sign wherein a mathematical algorithm is used to validate the authenticity and integrity of the document. These signatures create a unique person or business entity that protects information in digital documents and ensures no distortion takes place between the signer and receiver.

Why do you need a digital signing solution?

Businesses sign and share a plethora of documents with vendors, authorities, employees, and clients. It can be difficult to handle extensive paperwork manually. This makes it crucial for a business to automate this process and sign documents like PDFs, eReturns, invoices, and files through a digital signing solution.

Advantages of Digital Signing of Documents

  • Higher Security – A digital signature is designed on PKI technology, a form of encryption through which a signature serves as a final document and cannot be altered or removed. When anyone creates a digital signature, the time and IP location are recorded in the audit trail and it may perceive as a trustworthy means of identification.
  • Time-saving – Paper-based transactions involve a lot to handle, including drafting, printing, scanning, and mailing. It may take weeks or even months to get them signed and returned. Thanks to digital signing, you can sign documents in bulk and reduce the long wait to a couple of hours.
  • Workflow Automation – Paper-based processes demand coordination, manual tracking, and accuracy. Delays, errors, and the risk of violating policies are common parts of a manual process. Thankfully, you can reduce such a burden and challenges with a digital signing tool that makes workflow standardized, error-free, and consistent.
  • Authenticity – A digital signature certificate offers legal validity and makes sure the e-signature is fully verified. You can simply use an online digital signing system to track, archive documents and compliance as well as audit.
  • No Chances of Fraud – Digital signatures minimize the likelihood of forgery, as they are backed by a unique digital identity based on universally accepted PKI standards. It provides strong proof that the invoice or document created by an authenticated sender and information was not modified or removed.

Best Document Signing Solution – Appreciated Widely for Ease of Use, Pricing, and Service is the most recommended browser extension that supports bulk signing of documents, free PDF signing, encryption, verification, and authentication. It combines Kluis-cloud-based multi-tenant HSM, offering remote signing support via USB tokens to eliminate the cost of installing and maintaining HSMs.

It is helpful for signing documents, eReturns, or files through modern browsers and supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox on all OS platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows.

No additional integration is required. This application can be set up for bulk signing in just a few minutes. Get started today!

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