Why women in positions of power are resigning more than before and how companies can avoid it

Today, many companies have finally recognized the benefits of hiring both women and men for managerial positions. However, companies are now facing a very different problem: managers are resigning more frequently than ever.

This is demonstrated by the new report that the consulting firm McKinsey published last October, Women in the Workplace . The management and strategy firm has surveyed more than 40,000 workers from 333 multinational organizations and asked them about their experiences in the workplace.

The BlogOwl survey calls the current situation “the Great Break.” According to the results obtained, women demand much more from their bosses than their male counterparts, even leaving their organization if they are not satisfied.

Similarly, female bosses resign more than men: while the rate of voluntary resignation of women in managerial positions is 10.5% , in the case of men it is only 9%. In 2020, that figure was just over 7%.

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