Zuckerberg’s Dead Eyes Cost Meta $10 Billion – Lado Okhotnikov On What Virtual Reality Should Be

Lado Okhotnikov answers on the question What Virtual Reality Should Be

In order for the Metaverse to become what we are promised, it is necessary to radically change the existing approach. We do not question the internal gameplay, which remains a key aspect, there are more important problems. We need to make it so that the audience can see not only the avatar with a lifeless look. What to expect in the near future from virtual reality, why Zuckerberg did not declare bankruptcy and which way Meta Force will go, we will learn from this article.


How It All Started

The concept of the Metaverse promises another reality where users can interact with the virtual world as if they were in it personally. However, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to reconsider some points.

Instead of focusing on the detail of the characters and the world around them, you need to focus on interactivity. This means that “Sims” must look alive, convey feelings and respond with an adequate reaction. It is important that players can feel an emotional connection with the characters and other players in the Metaverse.

The prototype of the Metaverse first appeared in Stevenson’s novel “Avalanche.” Then, in 1992, Neal did not know how far his fantasies would go. This book made a splash, in which the author tried to depict the online world in the style of virtual reality.

“The virtual space can surpass the real world and become the place where people will spend most of their time. The idea that the Metaverse will provide a range of entertainment, opportunities and social interactions that no one else knows about, spurred writing the script,” the writer commented on the desire to create something that no one could do before him.

Only in 2018 was it possible to shoot something similar on the theme of steampunk. In the film Ready Player One, the theme of virtual reality was again touched upon, in which events unfolded in the near future, when the world was on the verge of chaos.

“No Harm in Dreaming” — Lado Okhotnikov About Meta

At the moment, the Metaverse is at an earlier stage in its development than it was presented in films and novels. Despite significant advances in virtual and augmented reality technologies, it has not yet reached the level of immersion and realism that we see in Hollywood blockbusters.

“It’s amazing how, with such impressive amounts on hand, it was impossible to recreate a more realistic virtual world. Everyone has probably heard that Mark Zuckerberg spent more than $10 billion on his remark in the Metaverse,” Lado Okhotnikov’s opinion on the situation with the unsuccessful start of the Metaverse from Meta.

What is more important is not the appearance of digital characters, but how far the Metaverse is from its ideal. Too many people believed that the virtual world would soon be the same as in the movie Ready Player One. By the time Mark Zuckerberg realizes this, it may already be too late for his multi-billion dollar project.

Lado Okhotnikov answers on the question What Virtual Reality Should Be

Mark Chuckerberg – this is how you can call an “exact” copy of Mark Zuckerberg.

I just want to say that this is the Metaverse that Mark deserves. His glass eyes, skin, behavior says only one thing: “Stop! We don’t need this.”

Twitter users exploded in criticism of the Мetaverse’s visual,

“… this is fear.”

“How bad is that…”

“In 94, it was even better …”.

The stormy reaction of the public was not long in coming and Zuckerberg quickly retreated, writing a message in which he promised that he would make updates in the near future.

Mark admitted that the previous photo he posted this week was taken in a hurry and therefore came out quite simple.

Readers have drawn an amusing analogy of a child who hasn’t done his homework and comes up with a bad excuse. Zuckerberg is probably trying to explain that the updates and improvements he talks about are more significant and larger than the usual screenshot that he posted earlier can convey.

Your Metaverse Is Such a Shame

Zuckerberg made the public believe in the concept of the Metaverse. But in practice, the results turned out to be much worse than could have been imagined even 15 years ago. I believe that the current developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality cannot bring us even a hundredth of a percent closer to what was expected from all this.

Lado Okhotnikov answers on the question What Virtual Reality Should Be

“Looks like we’re back in the 2000s again…”, this is how an English blogger @SEOnicheblogger responded to the terrible graphics.

There are huge doubts that some kind of technology will be found which is capable of implementing the idea of the Metaverse in the way it was previously imagined. Perhaps many will feel disappointed by the discrepancy between expectations and the current level of development of this industry, but nothing can be done about it.

However, we are constantly evolving and innovations come suddenly. Despite the current restrictions, the implemented idea has the right to life. And perhaps, over time, developers will be able to overcome today’s technical limitations and reach a level that will allow dreams of a more realistic, interactive and immersive Metaverse to be implemented.


Now imagine what a feeling a person gets when he puts on virtual reality glasses and finds himself in the Metaverse proposed by Zuckerberg. How long are you willing to stay there, so as not to go crazy?

Graphics in virtual reality is different from what we are used to seeing on a smartphone screen. We need devices capable of showing the realities that arise in our imagination.

The generation of Tik Tokers already have their own expectations of the technology. However, with the development and availability of new features, users are not yet ready to accept a more realistic Metaverse with all its interactions and possibilities.

First of all, everything depends on the budget: good gadgets are not cheap, and budget models will not be able to give that quality. From here a certain barrier appears, and until we step over it, it is too early to think about the next stage.

Different User Experience

People are already accustomed to communicating through a smartphone camera and a headset, and they do not have to wear anything extra for this. However, the fact that virtual reality requires a device on the head is puzzling.

Meta has faced criticism from those who presented the Metaverse experience differently from how it was shown to the audience early on. The time spent on Tik-Tok will even seem more interesting, since in the social network we see the face and facial expressions of a person, which makes communication more organic.

The Metaverse as it currently exists is flawed and must be accepted. The human brain tries to fill in the gaps in order to convey maximum emotions. But this cannot go on forever.

Meta Force recently announced the launch of a beta version of the Metaverse, in which an entire world is being built, starting from a certain area in the city, where all elements are arranged according to the principles of reality.

According to the developers, various infrastructure will be created in the new virtuality. Among the first projects to be introduced in the Metaverse, in addition to basic functions, there will be a fight club, bars, factories and dance floors.

This ambitious plan to create a digital world offers a unique experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in interactive and immersive scenarios that blend with reality. Presented projects will give a chance to interact with many locations created in the Metaverse.

Lado Okhotnikov, the founder of Meta Force, is not a magician, but he is moving towards his goal,

“Yes, the graphics may not seem perfect to some, but there are advantages. Only the fact that in just a year the number of participants grew to a million, and the total amount of payments of earned funds amounted to $ 1.35 billion, speaks of the prospects. This achievement is unique and incomparable to any other project.”

The Metaverse will have its own difficulties at first, and this is normal for such a large-scale project. Its attractiveness and potential will not be diminished at all because of it. On the contrary, the more you can refine at the initial stage, the better the technology will become in the future.

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