11 Reasons Why Your Loan Application Can Be Rejected

Getting a personal loan is difficult, and if you are currently looking for one, you may have done an extensive research to locate a lender that will give you the best terms. While it may seem like a good idea to select the best lender for your loan, doing so does not ensure that your application will be accepted.


Reasons Your Loan Application May Get Rejected 

Income and Debt

Maintaining a strong credit score is great, but lenders also take your yearly income and existing debt into account when you apply for a personal loan. This enables them to assess your ability to repay them for the amount you have requested. Your loan application may be denied if your yearly income is minimal and the lenders believe you won’t be able to repay the amount, which is requested. 


One of the most crucial things that loan apps and lenders take into account before offering you a loan is your CIBIL Score. Your ability to manage your credit is what determines your credit score. However, those who don’t do this have lower credit scores and might face rejection while applying for an online loan


Negative Error on a Credit Report

Even after significant occurrences like bankruptcy or foreclosure, people can improve their credit scores within 18 to 24 months. If your past is anything like this, lenders will be put off, and your loan application will be declined.

Incorrect or Incomplete Loan Application

Because loan apps evaluate these documents to assess your reliability, the information you provide on your loan applications has a significant impact on whether or not your loan is approved. When consumers fail to provide the necessary documents or don’t fill out the needed information, loan applications frequently get rejected. 

Mismatching of Signature

Many people struggle with getting a perfect signature, and by the standards, it ought to be the same everywhere. If you want your loan application to be approved, you must endeavour to make the perfect signature that matches your other paperwork.

Utilization of Fund

It may surprise you to learn that most borrowers of personal loans spend the money on weddings, vacations, house improvements, or the purchase of new technology. The income security will conflict with your application for a personal loan if you want to utilise the money to launch your business. 

Credit Report Errors

The most frequent problems in credit reports include inaccurate reporting of some payments, errors in personal information, a closed account that is still listed as active, PAN Details, and other things. The denial of your loan application may also result from such mistakes in your credit report. As a result, you should submit a request to have any mistakes in your credit report corrected.

Forgot to Receive the NOC from Your Previous Lender

The NOC, or No Objection Certificate, is a requirement after a loan has been closed. You should obtain a NOC from your prior lender if you are applying for a new loan and haven’t already done so because loan applications may be turned down if the NOC isn’t listed on your credit report.

Inaccurate Details

When you give the lender incorrect information, your loan application may get denied. Since every detail you submit is rigorously checked for legitimacy, if lenders discover a mistake, they will reject your loan application.

Residential Stability

Your residential stability is typically taken care of by the documentation you supply for KYC by loan apps with evidence that you have a permanent residence that proves your stay in the city. If the loan apps are unable to verify your residential stability, they will reject your loan application.

Loan App’s Defaulter List of Location

Many people may find it strange to hear this, but even if you have a decent credit score and live in a neighbourhood that the loan app considers beingin the “negative zone” or on the list of defaulters, there is a good risk that the loan app may reject your loan application.

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You may be able to prepare for financial setbacks with the aid of an immediate personal loan, but you must be eligible for one. A single personal loan denial will show up on your credit report and make future borrowing more difficult. You should make an effort to strengthen any areas you feel need work before applying. On the other hand, getting an online loan from loan apps like TrueBalance is easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is keep your documents, CIBIL score and other information updated. If you do not fall under these categories, then you have the green flag for getting an instant loan. Download the TrueBalance loan app from the Google Play Store now. This loan app allows the borrower to apply for an immediate personal loan in just five minutes.

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