4 Problems That Compromise Your Smile Confidence and Their Solutions

Smile confidence is very important for all of us. Good teeth help us smile better too. There are many different kinds of teeth problems that can affect your smile. Also, teeth problems along with destroying your smile confidence, can cause health problems too. So, you should always take care of your teeth. They will take care of you in return.

When it comes to how confidently you are able to smile, your teeth condition matters a lot. Teenagers often lose confidence for life due to bad looking teeth. Amongst the most common problems, teeth being out of shape and color are the most common. So, here are some common teeth problems that cause smiles to lose confidence and their possible solutions:

1: Teeth Yellowing – The Smile Destroyer

Teeth yellowing is natural as we put on more years. People passing the age of forty, experience their teeth losing the whiteness commonly. However, in many cases, this teeth yellowing can occur at far early ages. It is not uncommon to see people in their twenties with yellowing teeth.

Often, diet has a lot to do with teeth yellowing. On top of that, neglected daily home teeth hygiene routines can contribute to teeth losing color as well. Yellowing teeth can actually occur for many reasons. Discoloration due to smoking and alcohol consumption is very common too.


The best thing you can do to avoid teeth yellowing is to up your daily teeth hygiene game. Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush. If you have teeth yellowing already, you will need it be cured. Dentists can offer procedures to remove the yellow tint on the teeth. There are also teeth whitener solutions available as well. However, they should not be used without dentist prescription.

2: Chipped Teeth – Usually Occur in Early Age

Chipped teeth are very common in kids. Some adults who play a lot of sports can get this problem as well. It is where your frontal teeth may get broken from impact of any kind. Some part of a tooth or teeth may get broken off. If this happens in the frontal teeth, smile confidence just goes away.

In all fairness, damaged or chipped teeth look very odd. Physical sports like boxing, wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball or even rugby are very high intensity. Kids and adults often lose part of the tooth or teel due to impact caused in these sports.


Best thing you can do is to avoid such chipped teeth in the first place. Make sure to use high impact teeth guards. Develop this habit in your children as well. Encourage them to use teeth guards on sports days of all kinds. If you or any child already has chipped teeth, dental crowns can be looked at. These are crowns that sit on top of the chipped teeth filling up the lost part of the teeth bone. In certain cases, single tooth implants will be the solution.

3: Decaying or Fallen Out Teeth – Infections and Aging

Decaying teeth is also a very common problem for many people. This happens as we age and step into the old age. However, neglected teeth hygiene can fast pace the process. There are many different types of gum and teeth infections that can decay the teeth very early.

Gum infections can destroy the teeth completely. So can teeth infections that will eat the bone from the inside. If you have any black spots on the top part or the sides of your teeth, it is a sign of infections. Gum infections are easier to spot as they will change to color of your g ums making them hurt too.


The best thing you can do is to step up daily teeth hygiene routine. Brush your teeth twice daily. Do not go to bed without teeth brushing. Floss regularly every day. Use mouthwashes prescribed by the dentist. However, if some of your teeth have already decayed and have fallen out, you will need procedures like dental implants. With these, dentists will replace any damaged or missing teeth. However, recovery process may take up to eight months.

4: Out of Shape Teeth – Underbite or Upper Bite

This is one of the most common reasons for smile confidence loss. Kids can develop upper or underbite from early ages. These are conditions where the upper jaw will protrude outwards from the lower or vice versa. This also makes the lips bulge out even when the mouth is closed shut.

Best way to spot this is to shut down your jaw and see if upper or lower jaw is far ahead of the other. People may develop this in adult age as well. However, usually, early age out of shape teeth problems are far more common.


This one is not fixable at home. Patients will need proper teeth aligners. Today, we have the options for clear aligners that barely make their presence felt. Traditional aligners may look and feel less than ideal. Clear aligners help push back the protruding teeth. These are only prescribed by the dentist and patients should not treat themselves with these.

Smile with Confidence

Smiling with confidence is very important. It can boost your everyday routine and the way you meet people as well. Also, smile confidence makes people perform better at work as well. Take care of your smile. Complete your daily dental hygiene routines every day. Consult professional dentists if you have any of these mentioned problems for relief.

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