5 Content Optimization Strategies

The optimization of your content can raise your site’s ranks and boost visitors. to enhance your content and SEO strategy, use these optimization strategies.


Reuse Current Content

You could choose to hunt for inspiration in current content if you are truly having trouble coming up with new material for the upcoming article.

Maybe you’ve conducted a workshop and recorded the proceedings? or spoke with someone? Utilizing this material will assist you in creating something special and interesting that your audience will like.


Here are some suggestions to help you with repurposing current content:


Create a PowerPoint using existing content

You won’t be shocked that individuals would rather watch a presentation than read a lengthy blog article given the prevalence of presentations in higher education. Directly publish your presentation on LinkedIn to watch a boost in engagement on your feed.


Publish Content as a Guide

The word “free” is that the most potent one in the English language. Therefore, if you’re lacking one or more lead magnets, it’s simple to convert your current material into a manual, presentation, or maybe an eBook. Of course, you will need to perform a lot of editing to make a few bits of information that are connected flow seamlessly together.


Share information as a PDF

Whitepapers, templates, and checklists are just some examples of supplementary material that may be downloaded in PDF format. These are quite helpful to readers and may increase clicks.

Sites that share PDFs are still widely used. most of the people who conduct online research on a variety of subjects include “PDF” in their search terms. Imagine that you simply have something worthwhile and instructive to contribute that also includes your contact information and website link. whether or not you didn’t manage to gain people’s email addresses, that’s a win-win situation.


Your blog posts may become videos

Videos are effective because roughly 8 out of 10 individuals prefer watching a video than reading a few new product or service.

Users on your site are more inclined to observe videos than they are to read long passages of text. particularly Millennials, who have attention spans that are like goldfish.


From existing content, create an audio download

Audio material is more popular than ever, which can surprise you. Audios are being tested by LinkedIn, but they’ll also be transmitted through emails and private messaging. Excellent approach to face out and communicate with auditory learners.


Use the most takeaways to create a series of social media tips

If you’re the kind of content marketer that enjoys writing informative blogs about broad subjects, you would possibly want to create social media posts based on the key takeaways.

Without having to spend days thinking, this is often a terrific method to fill your social media content calendar for a few months. Additionally, you’ll use social media networks to link back to the original content to increase traffic.


Your internal linking structure should be improved

You could believe that link building is just about attracting links from other websites. However, you’ll also improve the efficiency of certain pages by enhancing your internal linking structure.

Each website is indexed by search engine crawlers by following links on that page. These links also offer context and demonstrate the connections between various subjects.

You can guarantee that every page on your website is crawled and indexed by using internal links. Your pages are unlikely to rank without it.


Content Rewriting to suits Search Intent

Let’s assume you published a blog entry about moving for employment . Years from now, you’ll see a lot of traffic. But now that point has passed, you’ve published an eBook that you’re employing as a lead magnet.

To change the search purpose from informative to transactional, the blog article should be revised. Your CTA, layout, and keywords will probably change, but you will be able to take use of existing traffic and expand your list more quickly.


Long blog posts should have quick navigation

Nowadays, not many of us read. they seem to be skimming, in fact. you’ll need to provide quick navigation in blog entries that are more than 1000 words long because of this.

It will enable your visitors to decide in a matter of seconds whether or not you provide the solutions they need. Additionally, once they click on the headline, they’re going to be sent directly to the section where you respond to their inquiries. Your user experience will undoubtedly be improved by this update.


Check Your Readability Scores (and improve them)

As program algorithms get more sophisticated, they’re looking for readability problems to identify whether a human was involved in the content’s creation.

There are several methods for calculating readability scores, and Yoast has its own formula to help you. If you’re unsure, you’ll acquire a report by checking Readability Formulas. Before you select a target reading age, take under consideration the reading ability and educational level of your audience.


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