5 Unbelievable Hen Night Ideas to Top Every Bucks Party

Just when the D day is knocking around the corner, you and your bridesmaids deserve the best hen’s night bash to make it unforgettable. The arrangements could be made a bit more scintillating by hiring male topless waiters in Sydney who would serve some delicious gourmet food. Otherwise, if your vibe is more chilled out then you can always order-in relaxing spa sessions at home for the entire girl gang.

What Is a Hen Night Party?

Hen night party or bachelorette essentially is a celebration held for the bride-to-be where she spends some quality and fun time with her friends and all the bridesmaids. In comparison to stag night which is an all-boys party, hen night is an all-woman bachelorette.

Why Should You Have a Big Hen Night Party

Well, to start with your would-be-husband and his friends are having the time of their lives at the stag party so you and your all-girl-gang are entitled to have a memorable night to yourselves before you get married. Although, there are many other astounding reasons to arrange an unforgettable big hen night right now.

1. All Night Fun – Hen parties are packed with surprises and you can expect to be pleasantly amused now and then.

2. Drink All You Want – There is no way anybody’s going to stop you from drinking those dry martinis and whiskey sour. It would be a perfect night to get sloshed and have a blast.

3. A Night of No Judgment – You would be really surprised how chill everyone is at a hen night. No matter what you do or confess it’s going to be strictly between you and your girlfriends bound by a sacred bond.

4. Make new friends – No matter what you do on your hen night you are surely going make some new friends and probably keep them for life. They know your dark and deepest secrets after all.

5. All-Woman-Night – There aren’t many nights where you get to celebrate the power of sisterhood. So invite all your friends and sisters and turn it into a night of leisure, relaxation, and even mischief.

6. Be Ready for Surprises – Trust your girl gang to be prepared for quite a few surprises. Starting from male topless waiters and strippers to taking a sudden trip to a distant country. Be prepared for all.

What Are The Five Best Ideas For Hen Night Parties

Every would-be bride is different and so should their hen night parties. Even though you can add whatever you like to make it your version of hen night but there are many standard ideas that you can follow or just get the best of everything.

1. Hire a male stripper – What’s the point of having a hen night without male strippers and male topless waiters to help you gorge on some delicious food and exciting times? Wait, there is more. You can always hire men in uniform for a strip show followed by food, games, and even dancing.

2 Invite a Drag Queen – Put on a full-on show for yourself and the bridesmaid by inviting an interactive drag queen who would make the party even more lively and fun.

3. Spa Retreat – Who said hen night has to be for one night? Take your girls for a weekend getaway to a spa retreat and spend some exhilarating time with them.

4. Cocktail Evening – You can never go wrong with cocktail evenings where you and your bridesmaid make some delicious mimosas or Pimms, and French Martinis and pour each other’s hearts out through the night.

5. Movie Night – You would be really surprised to know how badly you wanted a normal movie night with your girls. You arrange some snacks, and drinks and watch a fun movie to make the night memorable.


Hen night is technically your last party as a single woman and it must be celebrated in all its glory. If you are looking for a striper in Sydney or anywhere else just make sure to buy a package that provides you with a wholesome experience.

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